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Aviapages.com has the new Weather Notification Services!

I am sure each and every sales manager among operators and brokers had to track weather in different airports. The issue becomes even more relevant during the winter season. If you perform a lot of flights in Europe, immediately you will think about Samedan.During the autumn it can be Florence with its short runway etc...Therefore we have developed a simple and very useful tool for Weather notifications track.The system will automatically provide you with live update and decoded Metar to your em...

Connection in Abu Dhabi

Connection in Abu DhabiHi everyone!Last week I flew from HKG to DME via Abu Dhabi.Flying mainly in domestic EU routes (for Aviapages.com development), it was first time experience with Etihad, which has the really perfect service and friendly hospitality atmosphere onboard.However, the airport facilities in the airport itself are not developed for such amount of transfer passengers. The food quality in cafes is poor (maybe after comparing with Italy)), the terminal is overcrowded, and I am not t...

Italy, Business Aviation Forum

Last week, we have participated (Aviapages.com) in the first Italian Business Aviation forum.Needless to say, this event is absolutely must to have in Italy! The industry is very decentralized and the main weak point for the business development (and not only) is lack of communication.You can send emails to Italy, but reply, maybe, will arrive after one month with the suggestion to ask somebody else..:)This time it was a great opportunity to meet such companies as Sirio, Eurofly, Dassault Falcon...

Connection in Belgrade

Hi Everyone! In continuation of the previous post about connections in airports, today I would like to share some positive feedback about connection in BEG.This was last November, before my Aviation MBA start and Aviapages.com.We took Air Serbia, and had about 4 hours connection time. After Moscow 4C arrival to 22C was already a positive moment...) The terminal in Belgrade has modern and simple facilities, the prices and quality of food have a perfect combination of price and quality. There i...

Connection in VIE

Hi every one!This is my first writing in this Blog. I never wrote before nothing in any blog and would like to thanks Tatijana for invitation to join it.Having recently a lot of trips with Aviapages.com, I have started to evaluate more facilities in different airports in Europe, and have to say there are many difference in each one (of course...))Last week I had connection in VIE, it is really perfect place to makeit there and enjoy few hours of working. There are plenty of work stations where y...

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