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Black Sheep Tour 2016

Date: 27 Mar 2016 11:09 (UTC)

The Black Sheep Tour 2016 is waiting for YOU to take a fighter pilot seat in one of our warbirds!

Join us during this fantastic flight on board one of the following aircraft all the way to Czech Republic for a dream weekend.

Douglas DC3 - 1940 Transport aircraft used to drop parachutists during D-day

Grumman TBM Avenger - 1943 bomber from the Pacific War flown by GW. Bush 

Yak 11 - 1945 Soviet trainer

Pilatus P2 - Fly with the pilot and the aircraft of Indiana Jones "The Last Crusade" movie

North American T6 - 1943 US Air Force trainer used to qualify Corsairs, Mustangs fighter pilot and more.

You are only a call or an email away to qualify for this great tour!


Laurent Golay

Mobile : +41 78 882 1862

Email: l.golay|@alpineaviatorcompany.com


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