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Date: 22 Mar 2022 03:22

Join Dr. Adnan Branbo in the 9th Episode of AVIAPRENEURS featuring Mr. Thomas Jaeger! Thomas Jaeger is the founder, owner, and CEO of CH Aviation. Thomas as he likes to describe himself is a avgeek and data junkie, whose passion is to collect and maintain the most up to date database of airline industry data. Earlier, Thomas was director of product management of various companies including Radixx, TIK Systems and Mercator. Thomas started his aviation career more than 20 years ago in charge of aviation marketing for Intersky Lufthart and later EU Jet. Thomas is from Switzerland, and he’s graduate of business administration from St. Gallen University.


Watch this episode to know Mr. Thomas’s answers to the following questions:

  • You’ve been working on CH Aviation for 25 years. Following you on social media, and meeting you in person in conferences and exhibitions, anyone can see clearly your strong passion and enjoyment of working in the aviation industry. Where did this passion come from?
  • How did the idea of CH Aviation started? And where does the name come from? 
  • When did you start to monetize CH Aviation and make money out of your passion?
  • You’re following the freemium business model, by offering some news and data free of charge, while charging for premium access in the form of subscription. At the same time CH Aviation makes money from advertising on the website and the newsletter. It’s well known in the finance and business worlds that businesses relying on subscription are much more valuable than businesses that rely on transactional business model. How’s your experience with this business model in starting and growing an aviation business? 
  • Your business proves that data is valuable and information is power, more than ever, despite the volume of free data and information out there. You were able to start and grow a business that have tens of employees, a business that only sells these two products: data and news. Is it easy to sell these products to the airline and aviation industries, or do you feel they try to source them inhouse and save on paying for them? 
  • You’re very active on social media. You post, comment, and interact with colleagues and the aviation community regularly. This says something about your management style, that you delegate, that you don’t get immersed in the day to day operation but focus on leading the team by giving goals and guidelines while leaving execution to them, besides playing your role as CEO in being the image of the company and expanding its network with clients and suppliers. Is this the case? How do you manage your team to grow CH Aviation?  
  • What’s the future of CH Aviation? Where do you see yourself taking the company? 
  • What advice do you give to the aviapreneurs willing to start an aviation business relying on data?

All of this and more on the 9th episode of AVIAPRENEURS!

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