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eVTOL development and its future

The number of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft concepts is estimated at about 600 designs, from silly to serious, by nearly 350 companies worldwide, according to the Vertical Flight Society (VFS), a global non-profit organization working to advance vertical flight. WOW! But, some of those enterprises do have a prototype aircraft; others have nothing more than a design concept.There are three races going on that are intertwined. For one the tech race, secondly the race for m...

Mining gold at a business aviation event

EBACE is coming up, and so are a variety of other conferences. Are you going to an aviation event for networking. You meet lots of people who you already knew and some new kids on the bloc. A bit of chit-chat, a bit of gossip and some exchange of business cards to ensure that you have the proper coordinates. That is not networking.  It doesn’t take an old gold digger to point out that it makes no sense to look for the precious metal on territory that is already claimed. The gold digger...

The most valuable of them all

In the coming days people are preparing for the Holydays; shopping, planning menus, travelling to visit relatives and friends. Aiming to celebrate some days reconciliation and peace. Peace is a value and probably the most valuable of them all.  No earthly possession or gain can match the value of peace. Peace is in the interest of everyone. Real peace is coming from the soul of persons. It will be in their heart and mind. Those who live with peace and harmony are winners who will...