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Gas Turbine Engine Simulation Technology Development Forum 2020 Was Successfully Held in Shenyang

Date: 19 Oct 2020 23:52

According to the annual report of COMAC's civil aircraft market forecast, by 2035, China’s aircraft fleet will reach 8,684, and the market for civil aircraft will reach nearly 8 trillion yuan. The aero-engine industry chain is long and covers a wide range. It has a huge driving effect on the development of national economy, science and technology. It is a concentrated expression of a country's industrial foundation, technological level and comprehensive national strength.

The "Gas Turbine Engine Simulation Technology Development Forum 2020" was successfully held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province from October 15th to 16th. The forum was hosted by the Department of Mechanical and Transportation Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, CAST Allliance for Aero-Engine Industry and Academy, and Science and Technology Committee of Aero Engine Corporation of China, Organized by AVIC Shenyang Engine Design Institute, Key Laboratory of Power Transmission Technology on Aero-Engine, AECC, Key Laboratory of Impact Dynamics on Aero Engine,Liaoning Province, AECC Shenyang Engine Research Institute, supported by Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautic, China Simulation Federation (CSF), And Liaoning Association for Science and Technology, co-organized by Chinese Society of Aerospace Power (CSAP), CSAA, Hunan Power Machinery Research Institute of China Aviation Development Corporation, School of Energy Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology and suppored journal is Aeroengine.

The Forum was titled as "Focus on Simulation Technology and Accelerate Power Development", which aims to enhance China’s independent research and development capabilities for aero-engines and promote the progress and development of aero-engine simulation technology. Li Hongxin, Deputy General Manager and Party Member of the Aero Engine Corporation of China, participated in the series of activities, presided over the aero-engine development academician consultation meeting and attended the Gas Turbine Engine Simulation Technology Development Forum 2020. 15 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and more than 600 experts in related fields participated in the forum.

At the opening ceremony of the forum, Academician Yin Zeyong, the Chairman of the Forum, delivered a speech on behalf of the Organizing Committee. Four academicians including Gan Xiaohua, Hou Xiao, Le Jialing, and Wang Yuming, as well as seven experts and scholars, gave speeches on the development of simulation technology. How to grasp the current situation and future development of gas turbine engine technology, how to learn from the research results of simulation technology in other professional fields, and how to promote simulation technology to develop rapidly... The insights of academicians and experts resonated with the participants and aroused enthusiastic responses from the venue. The six sub-forums predicted at the same time, focusing on the professional research and construction of the overall propulsion system, impellers, light gas turbines, structural strength and vibration, combustion and heat and mass transfer, manufacturing and material simulation. The experts and scholars in various related fields made professional speech. Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. was honored to participate in the preparation work for the sub-forum of Manufacturing and Material Simulation.

More than 600 attendees, professional seminars, fascinating theme reports, vivid thought collisions formed this forum. Participants all said that this forum and series of activities broadened the field of simulation technology research. Everyone agreed that the gas turbine engine simulation technology integrates the latest achievements of advanced aero-engine design, manufacturing, verification technology and computing and information technology. Through this forum, communication has been expanded, ideas inspired, and consensus has been achieved. It is believed that through exchanges and cooperation, and driven by advanced technologies such as simulation, China’s gas turbine engine technology, products and aviation industry will surely enter the world's advanced ranks in the near future.

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