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Reloaded : The Best and the Worst of Video Holiday Wishes (Aviation Related)

Date: 15 Dec 2015 16:58 (UTC)

We've published this post on our blog almost a year ago. Check out the engagement rate of each movie. Fortunately, the most creative ones gained a bigger reach (find below the best engagement rates). 

Let's get ready to for the up-coming season... and wait for the next series of Holiday Wishes Movies! 

Over the last decade video marketing has grown to be a huge contender in the content world. Video marketing fuses the brand of your message with the valuable advantage of visual stimulation. Today’s brands are capturing the essence of video marketing and tailoring it to fit their unique audiences. 

Delta Airlines (52K viewers in Jan. - 72K viewers in Dec... Congrats! +38%): Delta Airlines, good storytelling. Your adventures amaze us. 

Ex Aequo

Air New Zealand (29K viewers in Jan. - 36K viewers in Dec., +24%! ): A very Kiwi Christmas, Excellent concept behind. Surprising end. Talking about the benefits of the product. From the experts of safety videos. 

Lufthansa (250K viewers in Jan.  311K viewers in Dec. In other words, + 24% more engagement...! Great reach): Lufthansa busy traveller, great customer care (a sample of crafting a story from the ground with airport cooperation). 

Finnair (66K viewers in Jan. - 79K viewers in Dec., +19,6% engagement - good job!): Finnair secret hangar. 

KLM (2.7M viewers in Jan. - 3.1M viewers in Dec. Nice one (+14%)): KLM, Classic touch and nice reach 

*views may evolve, . This is a completely subjective and entirely debatable ranking.

The opinions and analysis expressed on this blog/website are based on our research and are for the sole purpose of providing general information about our agency and marketing best practices. See more at brandingpass.net.

All Airlines logos/movies are subject to copyrights. 

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