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3rd Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum 2019 was Successfully Held in Shanghai

According to the “13th Five-Year Development Plan of General Aviation” issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, China will vigorously promote the development of general aviation culture, tourism, leisure and entertainment, while strengthening the protection and improvement of people's livelihood, and strengthening the application of general aircraft in emergency rescue and short-distance transportation. It is estimated that by 2020, the size of China's general aviation flee...

4th East China General Aviation Development Forum 2019 Successfully Held in Shanghai

The 4th East China General Aviation Development Forum 2019 held successfully in Shanghai. This Forum Advertised by CAAC East China Regional Administration, Hosted by CAAC East China General Aviation Service Center (LONGHUA AIRPORT GROUP COMPANY), Supported by Chinese Society of Aeronautics & Astronautics, Organized by China Helicopter Design and Research Institute, AECC Hunan Aviation Powerplant Research Institute, AVIC Shanghai Aviation Electronic Co., Ltd., AVIC ATM SYSTEM & EQUIPMENT CORPORAT...

Flying Echo Photo Magazine (e.book and Paper) JULY 2019

https://www.blurb.fr/b/9537605-flying-echo-photo-magazine-july-2019-n-49DELIVERY A350 JAPAN AIRLINESA330 NEO AIRASIAB787-9 AIR TAHITI NUI

Flying Echo Photo Magazine (e.book) Special issue PARIS AIRSHOW 2019

Get your photo magazine FLYING ECHO (PARIS AIRSHOW 2019 ebook)https://www.blurb.fr/b/9535822-flying-echo-photo-magazine-july-2019-special-issue?ebook=699143


Flying Echo Photo Magazine‏ @ebace @bombardierjets @GulfstreamAero @embraer @Cessna @airbus @piperaircraftGet your BOOK EBACE 2019 (HARD COVER) , to be sure you have all details of the latest edition ! Just follow the link: http://www.imprimermonlivre.com/books/202666  Book ISBN :9789463862301

Aviation Pulse on TOP on Google Play ranking

Monday morning, sometimes it is the time to search for some motivation, especially after an amazing sunny weekend to work hard in an office:)When you get great news in the very morning - your day, your week is just made a great one!That was the case for me this Monday- I found out amazing results of our #AviationPulse App: I know it is only beginning of our route to make, however, it is a pleasure to see first results. It' a motivation, a moment to think about what to add, what to improve.T...


Here is a photo book on the first two A380 of ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS, respectively named LANI for blue and KAI for green.the first part is the delivery ceremony in TOULOUSE (LANI).The second part is the exit of painting workshops in HAMBURG AIRBUS (KAI).ISBN 9789463869959http://www.imprimermonlivre.com/books/200009