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2018 International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation

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5 years ago
Duration: 1 day Place: China, Beijing, Four Points by Sheraton Beijing Haidian Hotel. Organiser: Sichuan Jiuzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Galleon Shanghai Consulting Co., Ltd.
2018 International Symposium on Air Traffic Management for Civil Aviation

The development of air traffic control technology is very important to the development of civil aviation industry. Air transport t industry is one of the main contributors to the global economic prosperity, long term sustained traffic growth can promote technological development, in China, this is still a gap compared the concept of next generation ATM systems operation, core technology, ATM equipment, system structure and standards with developed countries. Part of the ATM technology and equipment is still dependent on foreign companies, China urgently needs to improve the technology and equipment research and independent innovation capacity of the air ATM industry, to promote the overall technical progress of the industry, enhance international influence.

Based on the achievements of ‘12th Five-Year Plan’, during ‘13th Five-Year Plan’, civil aviation air traffic management industry will be driven by innovation and market traction, focus on ATM infrastructure construction, lean operation management, application of new technologies, flight operation collaborative environment, general aviation service support system and UAV ATM research and etc. … In the face of growing demand for the development of civil aviation transportation industry, strengthen the innovation of the civil aviation industry system, increase the importance of ATM system, to improve and perfect the ATM technical and equipment facilities, deepen the domestic and international ATM technology information exchange, make the ATM system a reliable guarantee for civil aviation transportation industry, as the strong support of economic development.

Hot Topics

  1. Technological Innovation Promotes the Modernization of Global Air Traffic Management
  2. Development Trends and Demands of Low Altitude Multi-source Intelligent Monitoring System Technology
  3. Thinking about the internationalization of Beidou global navigation system standard
  4. Airport Collaborative Decision Making Technology
  5. Planning for Airport
  6. Aeronautical Communications
  7. Flight Inspection
  8. ATC Operation Performance Evaluation Technology
  9. Large-scale Flight Track Operation Optimization
  10. Application of Advanced Civil Aviation Navigation Technology
  11. Civil Aircraft Automatic Tracking Technology
  12. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle / Manned Aircraft Mixed-operation ATC Research

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