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5th Aerodrome Safeguarding Summit 2020

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3 years ago
Duration: 3 days Place: Singapore, Singapore, Furama Riverfront Hotel, 405 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169633. Organiser: Equip Global
5th Aerodrome Safeguarding Summit 2020

Backed by demand from global airport operators, Air Navigation Service Providers and civil aviation authorities, the annual summit will provide the chance for both networking and learning opportunities for Aerodrome Safeguarding & OLS Experts globally.

Join us, at this exclusive platform to share insightful experiences and knowledge about leading industry practices such as the key upcoming trends for Aerodrome Safeguarding as they share their experiences and case studies on Aerodrome SafeguardingAerodrome Safety ManagementRisk Management & Obstacle Limitation Surface Surveying on a wide range of Safeguarding functions including Physical Safeguarding, Technical Safeguarding, Bird-strike/Wildlife Control, Aeronautical Lighting & its Impact on Safeguarding, Usage of Cranes in Construction Works and Wind Turbines amongst other key issues.

Expect to hear discussions on wide ranging and pertinent issues such as balancing the requirements of flight safety and capacity against the interests served by the new development, techniques to obtain accurate and OLS mapping, CNS Safeguarding, Balancing Wildlife and Bird Strike whilst preserving biodiversity, Management of Obstacle Assessment Tools such as Collision Risk Modelling, mitigation solutions as well as experiences of managing stakeholders with varying interests and many more!

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