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8th China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Forum 2019

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Duration: 2 days Place: China, Xi’an City, Xi’an City. Organiser: Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.
8th China Aerospace Propulsion Technology Forum 2019

Aero-engine, the well known ‘crown jewelry’, is also the cutting edge of the equipment manufacturing industry. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, China's military and civilian aviation engine market will exceed the annual average market size of more than 110 billion yuan, of which more than 80 billion are civilian markets. In the next 20 years, China's airlines will have about 4,700 new machines delivered, with a market value of more than $500 billion. The substantial increase in demand for the whole machine will definitely drive the market for engine demand. Assume that the engine price is 25% of the whole machine price, and the domestic engine market share is 40%. The domestic aircraft engine demand driven by the growth of domestic passenger aircraft in the next 20 years is 50 billion US dollars.

Unders this background, the 8thChina Aerospace Propulsion Technology Forum 2019(held in conjunction with 10th  Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2019)will be held on September 27this an unmissable conference in Xi’an. This forum will provide insights into the current status and future trends of China Aero-engine industry through keynote speeches, panel discussions, exhibitions, one-on-one business negotiations and media interviews, focusing on flight safety.

Hot Topics

  1. Ensuring Aviation Safety And Promoting Industry Development.
  2. A New Round Of Scientific And Technological Revolution And Industrial Transformation Process To Promote The High Quality Development Of Chinese Civil Aircraft Industry
  3. Accelerate The Landing Of The Industrial Internet In The Aerospace Industry And Embrace The Advent Of A New Era Of Intelligent Manufacturing With An Industrial Internet Platform At Its Core
  4. Adhere To Independent Innovation, Integrate Global Resources, And Establish A Sound Civil Aircraft Industry System
  5. Innovation And Development, Accelerate The Deep Integration Of The Aviation Industry
  6. Future Development Planning of Chinese Aero Engine
  7. Deepening China-EU Strategic Cooperation In Civil Aviation Industry And Scaling New Heights In Achievement
  8. Innovative Technology Of Large Culvert Ratio Civil Turbofan Engine
  9. New Technical Airworthiness Requirements For Aero Engines
  10. Civil Aero-Engine Continuous Airworthiness Certification Process 
  11. Manufacturing Technology Requirements For Difficult Parts For Aeroengine Components (Nozzles, slender shafts, bearings)
  12. How To Promote Transformation And Upgrading Of Aero Engine Key Parts Manufacturing
  13. Experience Of Airworthiness Forensics In Aero-Engine And Its Practice Of New Model Continuation
  14. Engineering Application Of CJ-1000AX Titanium Alloy Wide-Chord Hollow Fan Blade Manufacturing Technology
  15. Application Prospect Of Non-Contact Measurement Technology In Aero-Engine Test And Verification Process
  16. The Development Trend And Future Demand Of Aero Engine Parts, Core Engines And Engine Machines
  17. Application And Future Development Of Titanium Alloy 3D Printing Technology In The Manufacture Of Aero Engine Blades And Turbine Discs
  18. Requirement And Development Trend Of Lean Assembly Line For Aero Engine
  19. The Transformation Of New Metal Materials In Aero-Engine
  20. Equipment And Process Health Management Within Aerospace Manufacturing Environment
  21. Detection Technology Of Aerial Engine Hole Detector


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