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9th China Aviation Industry Summit 2019

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4 years ago
Duration: 2 days Place: China, Shanghai,China, Shanghai,China. Organiser: Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.
9th China Aviation Industry Summit 2019

Comac plans to deliver its first C919 aircraft to China Eastern Airlines in 2020. It has already begun to develop specifications for model selection and supervision, which will be further improved by 2021, when C919 will be delivered to the second domestic carrier China southern airlines . In the current domestic delivery market, airbus A320 and A330 delivery center has set up in China, according to development of future market , these two delivery centers will gradually shift to A320Neo  and A350 delivery centers, how to balance new aircraft launch and reliable safety flight , is most highly concerned by airlines in the process of  selection and supervision,under this background,  the application of new technologies, airworthiness certification, flight testing and aircraft selection will become the focus of attention in the aircraft delivery process..

Hot Topics

  1. Analysis of HUD Technology in Flight Application
  2. Flight Testing and Adjustment of Instrument Landing System
  3. Airworthiness Certification Standards for New Technology Applications
  4. Overview and Delivery of New Aircraft Worldwide
  5. Performance Improvement of New Aircraft and Its Influence on Selection
  6. Aircraft Selection and Operation Maintenance Support
  7. Suggestion of Cabin Layout and Type Selection of Wide-body Airliners
  8. Aircraft Standard Selection & FAL Supervision Support to Airlines of How to Extend Reliable Flight Operations beyond Warrenty Period
  9. Aircraft Selection Strategy and Economy Analysis of Leasing Companies
  10. Supervise Manufacturing Process Management, Error Tolerance Scope Definition and Adjustment
  11. Future Development of Aircraft Cabin Interior Decoration
  12. How to Eliminate the Potential Failure and Damage Risk in the Operation Life Cycle 
  13. Establishment of Domestic Aircraft Supervision System 
  14. New Focuses in Electrification Testing for Multi-electrified Aircraft
  15. Flight Test Risk Assessment Technology and Safety Management


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