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Aero Electromechanics China 2019

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Duration: 1 day Place: China, Nanjing City, Nanjing Engineering Institute of Aircraft System. Organiser: Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.
Aero Electromechanics China 2019

During the “13thFive-Year Plan” period, domestic civil aircrafts have developed rapidly in such four major sectors as trunkliner, regional aircraft, general aviation and helicopter. Relevant data shows that China needs more than 7,000 civil aircrafts in 2017-2036, with a total value of more than USD 1 trillion. The annual average market space of China's electromechanical systems exceeds USD 8 billion. At present, the electromechanical system for aviation industry provides 11 systems, including power system, fuel system, hydraulic system, auxiliary power system and air management system, for civil aircrafts such as C919, MA60, MA700, AG600, ARJ21, Y-12, AC313, LE 500, and HO 300. The Civil Electromechanics System International Forum 2019 is committed to optimizing the electromechanical products of civil aircrafts and digital manufacturing with information technology so as to achieve excellence in the automation of electromechanical systems.


Against this backdrop, ‘International Forum on Civil Aircraft Electromechanical Systems 2019’ (CAES 2019) will be held on October 22ndto 23rd, 2019, in Nanjing city. which is hosted by Chines Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, AVIC Jincheng Nanjing Electromechanical Hydraulic Engineering Research Center, organized byAviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Aero Electromechanical System Integration, co-organized by Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd. the CAES 2019 will focus on development trend of civil electromechanics market and flight safety through the session such as keynote speaking, panel discussion, exhibition, 1 to 1 meeting etc.

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