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Aero Expo Panama Pacifico

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8 years ago
Duration: 1 day Place: Panama, Panama, PANAMA PACIFICO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Organiser: Aeropodium
Aero Expo Panama Pacifico

Global growing traffic and aircraft demand present a challenge for the industry.  This event will provide the platform for the presentation of the latest developments in the business aviation sector of Panama, Latin America and the Caribbean and new business opportunities and challenges for operators and manufacturers.  It is a unique opportunity for all participants enhance their knowledge about the regional market, learn about regional infrastructure developments, and network with leading experts.
Participating companies will represent business aircraft operators and manufacturers, FBO operators, safety and security experts, financing companies, and sectors such as insurance, software technology, airport infrastructure, aircraft registration and other areas that affect business aviation in the region.
The event will also provide a unique networking opportunity for business aircraft operators, aircraft manufacturers, registries, banks, airports, law firms, financial analysts, leasing and finance companies and any aviation professional with an interest in the development of the business aviation sector in Panama, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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