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Air Transport Crisis Communication & Public Relations Masterclass 2019

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Duration: 3 days Place: Singapore, Singapore, Copthorne Kings Hotel (403 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169632). Organiser: Equip Global Pte Ltd
Air Transport Crisis Communication & Public Relations Masterclass 2019


It is increasingly important that airports, airport authorities and airlines have an effective plan and process when it comes to communications and managing media response and public relations in times of crisis. The reputation and sustainability of airports and authorities are at tremendous risks should there not be a clear and strategic crisis communication plan. Today, where technology advancement is more rapid than ever before, and social media usage is widespread, the complexity and difficulty of crisis communication has increased by multiple folds.

As importantly, the airport & airlines staff and assigned members of the authorities must be adequately skilled and trained to communicate crisis and handle the media and social media, in order to withstand the associated pressures, ensure there’s no misrepresentation of information and that the organizational brand is kept intact.

This 4-day masterclasstaking place in Singaporefrom 18 – 21 June 2019 will allow participants to be exposed to learning experiences and best practice techniques and strategies on how they can effectively plan, manage and implement crisis communication, public relations, media and social media response.

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Air Transport Crisis Communication ans Public Relations Masterclass 2019

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