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CARIBAVIA Summit & Retreat 2022

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Duration: 2 days Place: Netherlands Antilles, St.Maarten, Billy Folly Road, 37, Simpson Bay, Philipsburg, Saint-Martin . Organiser: Caribavia
CARIBAVIA Summit & Retreat 2022

The 6th annual CARIBAVIA will be held June 14-16, 2022 on St.Maarten/St.Martin
CARIBAVIA has grown to be the most significant results and solutions oriented communication platform on the subject of 'airlift' in the Caribbean region. It has gained increased appreciation by international professionals and experts of the aviation, tourism and investment industries. CARIBAVIA has become a movement to serve the region in matters related to airlift. 

CARIBAVIA brings industries together
Airlift is the common denominator of the interests of stakeholders in aviation, tourism, business development and investment industries. It is equally important to government decision makers. CARIBAVIA tries to bring them all together for better understanding and increased collaboration.
Matters like inter-island transportation issues and opportunities require increased attention since they are needed to prepare for future changes in the region.

"When organizing CARIBAVIA, we consider all aspects that will bring results and solutions. The event must be a win-win situation for all participants, be it attendees, sponsors, speakers, and media representatives.
We are formatting and shaping CARIBAVIA towards the current needs and the future opportunities in the Caribbean region which is a dynamic process. We use foresight and look beyond current situations. When we heighten the level of communication between all stakeholders, we amplify the issues and intensify the exploration of new ways and means to improve air transportation and the positive impact on economies and communities of the Caribbean region.
We are focusing on rising the quality and value of the content of presentations and information. Besides informing, much attention will be given to the development of education and training.
Our future vision is to create a resource, research and development center from which all CARIBAVIA activities will be organized and coordinated."

CARIBAVIA initiative
CARIBAVIA is a non-profit initiative to serve the Caribbean region and an opportunity for parties abroad to reach out to the Caribbean. CARIBAVIA is independent and impartial.

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