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International Pilot Recruitment and Training Expo 2019

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Duration: 2 days Place: Germany, Berlin, Berlin ExpoCenter City, Messe Berlin (East Entrance – Radio Tower Berlin). Organiser: Pilot Expo
International Pilot Recruitment and Training Expo 2019

Europe’s largest event dedicated to Flight Crew Recruitment and Training will take place in Berlin Messe on February 22-23, 2019. Two intensive days of conferences, exhibitions, recruitment process and fun.

More than 5000 square meters of exhibition and interview area will be occupied by major European and Asian airlines, biggest training organizations and recruitment agencies. Also several manufacturers will present their newest products for successful training process, recruitment and skill evaluation.

Licensed pilots, if interested, will have a chance to perform interviews and assessments on the spot in specially equipped rooms and with appropriate equipment.

Visitors will have a chance to find out everything about the employer’s offers and to conduct interviews and to assess their technical and psychological skills. Aspiring pilots will have an opportunity to compare offers and financing possibilities from wide variety of flight schools.

Two day on-site conference, divided in two independent divisions: “Aces” and “Future Pilots”, will answer the most important questions of the two target audiences.

“Aces” conference covers such topics as “Working out of EU – taxation, health care and risks”, “Becoming an instructor”, “Possibilities in case of loss of license” etc. as well as presentations from several largest airlines.

The “Future Pilots” conference mostly focuses on different choices of training planning, emphasizes the importance of assessing the trainee’s profile before the investing in a pilot education, explores available funding and financing options, presents several of the most popular airline cadet programs. Several of the “Future Pilots” conference speakers will investigate what the airlines are actually looking for when employing their flight crew.