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Paris Air Show

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3 years ago
Duration: 6 days Place: France, Paris Le Bourget, 1 Rue Désiré Lucca, 93350 Le Bourget. Organiser: SIAE
Paris Air Show

Since its launch in 1909, the International Paris Air Show has constantly grown, and remains the largest aerospace event in the world. The Show is a special time for every company, providing an occasion to meet up with all the key players in the aerospace industry, seize fresh commercial opportunities, present their expertise and innovations to the world, and form technological and industrial partnerships. 
Exhibiting at the International Paris Air Show means very simply participating in the most extraordinary events, and the most fascinating gathering for the industry and all its players, manufacturers and users. ​



2, 453 Exibithors
From France 1,185 French exhibitors

• 12 French regions (Hall 2 and Hall 4)
From international: 1,268 from 48 countries

• 26 National Pavilions

• Top 5 of exhibiting countries : USA, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium

Exibition space : 125,000 sqm
• 52,000 sqm of stands
• 335 Chalets representing 35,000 sqm of built area
• 38,000 sqm of Exhibitor’s outdoor space and building

150 Start up

From 21 countries

140 Aircraft 

Volume of orders
140 billion dollars’ worth of contracts signed

• 316,470 unique visitors representing more than 500,000 entries
• Professionals 139,840 ; 40% from outside France representing 185 countries
• General Public : 176,630 visitors

Official Delegations 
• The show was inaugurated on Monday 17 June by the French President, Emmanuel Macron
• Prime Minister Edouard Philippe came to the Show on Friday 21 June, when it opened to the general public.
• Nine French Ministers and Secretaries of State and numerous key figures in French politics also made visits.

276 Official Delegations from 98 countries and 7 International Organisations

• 171 Official Defence Delegations from 88 countries and  7 organisations – AED, GCC, G5 sahel, NATO, UN, EU and OCCAR, including 16 foreign ministers, 48 chiefs of staff and 18 vice ministers or secretaries of State
• 124 civilian delegations with 9 ministers
• 19 delegations from European institutions 


2,700 accredited journalists from 87 countries

• Paris Air Lab: 54,000 visitors
• The Careers Plane: 66 000 visitors