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Blog post creation rules

Simple Rules for Posting on Our Blog

1. Give it a snappy, interesting title.

2. Keep it short.

3. Lead, don't follow.

4. Produce original content.

Create content that you would want to click on, read and share -- nothing less.

5. Consistency is key.

Add to your blog at least a few times a week. Too often, companies write one lengthy post and then nothing else for a month. That is the worst thing you can do -- you're basically showing your client base that interacting with them is far down on your to-do list.

6. Stay human.

Be authentic, funny, self-deprecating, admit your mistakes and be genuinely human. People don't want to read something written by a robot. Of course, you'll want to be personal without being inappropriate or crossing the line into politics, religion or anything offensive or polarizing, got it?

7. Use photos.

Always include photos in your blog. 

8. Always include a call to action.

Your blog should motivate the reader to do one specific thing -- click on a link, answer a question, submit a contact form, take advantage of an offer, sign up for updates, etc. 

9. Engage.

A blog should never talk to your audience, it should be a forum to talk with your audience. So use your blog as a conversation starter to engage the reader and begin a great professional relationship.

10. Break up the text.

11. Link it up.

Included links must be opened in new window (<a href="..." target="_blank">...</a>).

12. Educate and entertain.

13. Write topical and "evergreen" information.

Writing about current affairs will get you a lot of page views in the short term, but completely irrelevant over time.