Weekly Newsletter 24/2020

Sofia Airport concession awarded to Meridiam and its partner Munich Airport

The Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria just upheld the decision of the Commission for Protection of Competition of 14 November 2019 confirming the selection of Meridiam and its partner Munich Ai...

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World first lie-flat airline seat for Economy Class to sleep and social distance

San Francisco startup Zephyr Aerospace is introducing a new social distancing-compliant airline seat and bed combo for premium economy passengers. For decades, lie-flat seating has been the...

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The heart of Rolls-Royce future innovation and growth - net zero carbon by 2050

Rolls-Royce joined the UN Race to Zero campaign in the run up to COP26 with a bold ambition to play a leading role in pioneering a resilient, inclusive, net zero carbon future. This will see...

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Exxaero introduces AirCare to exceeds health and safety of passengers

Exxaero announces its latest partnership with air technology corporation Inscentives Europe. The collaboration between the two companies involves the continuous disinfection of cabin air in aircraft b...

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First ever Type Certificate for an electric plane from EASA - Pipistrel Velis Electro

The Pipistrel Velis Electro is the world’s first fully electric aeroplane ever to receive type certification. The two-seater, intended primarily for pilot training, is a game-changing aircraft i...

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Air France to serve close to 150 destinations this summer

As air traffic picks up, Air France is gradually reinforcing its flight schedule for summer 2020.By the end of June, the flight schedule will represent 20% of the capacity usually deployed over this p...

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65 years since the first flight of iconic Cessna Skyhawk

Textron Aviation is honoring the 65th anniversary of the first flight of the most popular single-engine aircraft in aviation history Cessna Skyhawk. Since the aircraft first took to the sky, more...

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Passengers can fly with confidence - we are ready

Airlines and airports issue clear message as EC calls for lifting of all intra-EU travel restrictions from 15 June. ACI EUROPE , IATA and Airlines for Europe, representing Europe’s air...

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