Weekly Newsletter 44/2021

Cheers & tears - Qantas International flights take-off

Nearly 600 days after Australia closed its international borders, Qantas commercial passenger flights have taken to the skies to reconnect Australia to the rest of the world. QF12 from Los Angele...

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Repatriation flight - KlasJet flew lion cub and leopard from Russia to Tanzania

On October 26th a private plane took off from the Russian city of Chelyabinsk having filed a flight plan to its final destination, the Tanzanian city of Moshi, in Northern Tanzania, on the African eas...

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Mr Joseph Bugeja, Chairman & CEO of Transport Malta - pandemic crisis, industry recovery and vision for future

During MACE 2021 - Malta Aviation conference & Expo, we had an opportunity to interview Mr Joseph Bugeja, Chairman & CEO of Transport Malta. To discuss on pandemic crisis, aviation industry re...

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MAHEPA Panthera sets the final milestone on the road to greener aviation

MAHEPA consortium with the hybrid-electric variant of the Pipistrel Panthera aircraft has successfully completed the first phase of the flight test campaign. In mid-October 2021 the “MAHEPA P...

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New Bombardier global manufacturing centre in Mississauga is on track

Bombardier provided further details on the construction of its new, state-of-the-art facility at the Toronto Pearson International Airport that will optimize final assembly operations for its family o...

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Further consolidation on 4 corners of the globe - Dassault Aviation MRO Network

With new major development in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai and new line service bases in several additional European cities, Dassault Aviation is leveraging recently acquired MRO capabilities to reorganize...

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Boeing to debut 777X, highlight sustainability, technology and partnerships at 2021 Dubai Airshow

Boeing will showcase its market-leading portfolio of commercial, defense and services products at the 2021 Dubai Airshow this month, including the international debut of its newest fuel-efficient wide...

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MACE 2021 interview – Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo

Getting ready to visit Malta again flying for MACE 2021 - Malta aviation conference & expo, we wanted to find out more on how the island lived pandemic crisis and how the recovery goes on. Malta i...

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Fully outfitted G700 and award-winning G600 connect US Hubs to Riyadh

The all-new Gulfstream G700 and award-winning Gulfstream G600 added more international city-pair speed records traveling between locations in the United States and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where Gulfstre...

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40th anniversary of ATR - shaping the future of regional aviation

ATR marks its 40-year anniversary, celebrating key breakthroughs for regional aviation over the past four decades. The market-leading turboprop manufacturer will also use this milestone to look t...

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Wright Spirit – the world first zero-emissions airliner for regional jet market

Wright Electric, Inc.announced the launch of a new addition to their family of zero-emissions aircraft for the commercial market. The announcement is being made in conjunction with COP 26 UN Clim...

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Remove before flight - Captain Charles Pace MACE 2021 interview - ready for business

Life is truly interesting and surprising sometimes, a summer job taken in between of studies can lead you to become Director General for Civil Aviation authority. Aviation is an industry which wh...

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Dubai Airshow 2021

Dubai and the UAE have demonstrated global leadership in accelerating economic recovery. With its strong management of the pandemic and comprehensive precautionary measures, the business community con...

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EUROPEAN ROTORS - The VTOL Show and Safety Conference

For the first time, the European Helicopter Association (EHA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are teaming up to create an exceptional showcase for the European rotorcraft communit...

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