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Future Airplanes Will Fly On Twistable Wing

By Sridhar Kota Flex It: Shape-changing wings could help futuristic blended-wing aircraft adapt their lift-to-drag ratio as conditions change during flight. In the meantime, flexible control su...

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Boeing Forecasts Demand in China for 6,810 Airplanes, Valued at $1 Trillion

China becomes world's first trillion dollar aviation market Single-aisle demand accounts for 75 percent of new deliveries China's wide-body fleet to triple in size over the next two deca...

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Daher delivers first TBM 930 very fast turboprop aircraft to ba based in United Kingdom

Daher announced the delivery of a new TBM 930 to the first U.K.-based customer of this latest TBM very fast turboprop aircraft version, which also marks the initial TBM 930 sale by Flying Smart &ndash...

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TrueNorth tunes in to a new cabin communications system

TrueNorth Avionics unveiled its latest cabin communications system, Simphonē Pro (pronounced 'symphony') today with a special upgrade programme for legacy Simphonē product owners. The new prod...

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Smallest aircraft made by Boeing, Airbus to ply trans-Atlantic routes

The smaller jets will open up direct routes that wouldn’t otherwise be viable and encourage competitive fares as carriers seek out smaller, less expensive airports. The smallest aircraft made...

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Russia No Longer Needs Ukrainian Engines for Combat Helicopters

Russia has become independent from Ukrainian-produced engines VK-2500 for Mi and Ka type helicopters, now they are completely manufactured in Russia, said a spokesman of the United...

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Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Presents Sukhoi Business Jet at AAD

JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (SCAC), manufacturer of Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Sukhoi Business Jet new-generation aircraft, will take part in Africa Aerospace and Defence, an exhibition to be held in South...

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Airbus Helicopters and Denel Aviation to cooperate on modernisation of the Rooivalk

Airbus Helicopters and Denel Aviation have announced their intention to cooperate on a programme to enhance and modernise the Rooivalk attack helicopter. The two organizations signed a Memorandum o...

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One of Boeing's most important customers just said something very troubling

Norwegian Air is making waves in the airline industry. Recently, Norwegian Air Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Ramdahl told Business Insider in an interview his airline plans to launch $69 fares on...

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The Sad Saga of The Beechcraft Starship

Captains Kirk and Picard had starships to explore the universe. Earthly mortals could have had futuristic Starships to crisscross the world, but circumstances, both in development and marketing, limit...

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The Flightglobal Finance Forum: West Coast returns in November to San Francisco. As part of our finance series the event focuses on financing deliveries of new aircraft at a time when long t...

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MEBAA 2016

MEBAA Show is the foremost business aviation platform for the Middle East – offering you unrivalled access to the business aviation market in a highly focused environment. "Since we firs...

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