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Autumn holidays: 50 % less delays and double trouble with flight compensations

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Autumn holidays: 50 % less delays and double trouble with flight compensations - Airlines publisher
Krista Kuznecova
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Falling outdoor temperatures in autumn is no awaited guest, however, it largely loosens traffic to beloved holiday destinations, opening doors for a sweet escape without any stress. According to Eurostat, every autumn air passenger traffic drops by around 25 %, at the same time lowering number of delay and cancellation rate – a combo that travellers nowadays rarely meet. Autumnal trip holds a promise of a stress free vacation, especially with the marvellous fall wanders in these 5 destinations.

“Based on data from UKs CAA, claim numbers in autumn on average dip by 12 %. Poor air passenger traffic alleviates plane boarding and flight check-in procedures, thus more flights leave and reach their destinations on time,” explains Marius Stonkus, the CEO of www.skycop.com – international platform fighting for passenger rights. “Easier boarding procedures from September to December, based on European Commission analysis, cut flight delays by around a half.”

On-time flight coupled with refreshing autumn weather and the sound of crispy leaves under your feet will soon lower the stress levels – just choose one of the 5 most amazing destinations SKYCOP specialists have carefully picked as the best autumn trips in 2017!

  1. Point Pelee National Park in Canada and migrating Monarch butterflies.

Every autumn Pelee island hosts thousands of migrating Monarch butterflies as warmer weather and supportive winds navigate the Monarchs to the mountains of central Mexico. Flight tip – travel through Vancouver’s – it handled almost 16.7 million passengers and was among the top 20 punctual North American airports in 2016.

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the United States.

Part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the mountain range along the Tennessee and North Carolina border is known for its scenic mist-shrouded mountains, vast stretches of timber and clear streams. The cooling temperatures transform deep mountain greens to vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange making it one of the leading destinations for autumn colours. Great news for travelling to the US in autumn – I three months until winter of 2016 has brought 10 % less disrupted flights throughout the US!

  1. Transylvania, Romania.

Another noteworthy destination for autumn colours lovers. Tackle hiking routes for an exceptional wildlife-watching, bird spotting and nature trails. Festive lovers may also join many cultural feasts connected the harvest season.

  1. Douro Valley, Portugal.

Also a part of UNESCO World Heritage, the Douro is one of the oldest wine regions in the world. A walk around the vineyard and the grape stomping afterwards accustom visitors with the traditional winemaking techniques.

  1. The Cotswolds, England.

Northern Cotswolds is a beautiful rural destination with romantic lakeside trails. A relaxed cycle from village to village promises a slow-paced sightseeing with elegant architecture and faerie landscape. Good time to visit Cotswolds would be November as this month had the least average delay time across all of the three leading UK airports, says UK’s CAA.

“If you decide to embark on one of these journeys – do not be blind and expect your every flight go as planned. Together with the drop in claims, we also observe airlines trying to manipulate the situation – given the more tricky weather conditions; this “explanation” is bounced around by airline representatives ever so often. Fortunately, we have reliable weather data to prove any case – this way travellers can get at least some of the €3.2 billion that EU airlines owe to misled passengers,” concludes M. Stonkus, CEO of SKYCOP. 

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