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CARIBAVIA 2022 - the perfect solution for airlines of all sizes and types -Avtra

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CARIBAVIA 2022 - the perfect solution for airlines of all sizes and types -Avtra - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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When you see a title - perfect solution, obviously, you want to know much more. This was our case coming to Saint-Maartin for CARIBAVIA 2022. I must confess - I always choose the best from the agenda.  Many years of dedication and hard work, understanding of what the critical business drivers in the airlines business industry are and – a solution – Avtra.

It was quite challenging as the statement, but one the presentation started, it was quite clear that there is a real thing we need to get know in detail. The point – service provider does care about the result. 

Amir Hashemi, the CEO of Avtra and Vladimir Ponjevic, Chief Marketing Officer, both were explaining how exactly they can deliver innovative purpose-built IT solutions that can support modern carriers and their needs. Built from scratch, incorporating the latest open technologies, in a multi-tiered modular architecture – Avtra allows to deliver end-to-end inventory control and distribution for airlines of all sizes and business models.  We had to ask at least some questions:

Q. What are your first impressions after participating in Carbiavia 2022?

A. Besides the beauty of St Maarten and the great hospitality we experienced during our stay, the event has brought together interesting participants from across the aviation spectrum. The topics were plentiful, and it really did address many different points and areas that the industry is facing in these challenging times for us all. I was particularly happy to see that aviation is seen as one of the segments where economic diversification (not relying just on tourism) can be sought and I hope that we as Avtra may be able to contribute to this initiative soon.

Q. why you think your product can bring more value to the region?

 A. Caribbean airlines are generally quite small on a global scale; yet being small does not have to mean being disadvantaged as a result or having weaker distribution capabilities versus the much bigger carriers from around the world. Today, Caribbean airlines are missing out substantially on being able to maximize their revenues and ancillary earnings by sitting on inflexible and outdated – dare I say even very expensive platforms of the yesteryears, which hinder their optimal commercial success. I’ll try and remain impartial from hereon and simply invite the airlines of the Caribbean region to talk to us, see a live demo of our system, even try it out if need be and consider our attractive commercials - and then they too will realize what I stated beforehand. We can bring about a massive positive change for their businesses while saving them much needed capital.

Q. time, cost and effort saving is quite a solution for the industry, what you suggest for Caribbean needs to be done?

 A. Many small airlines globally fall into the trap of managing their sales and distribution (loyalty, ancillary offering etc.) functions inhouse at a great expense. The traditional airline management approach simply dictated that this was the way it should be done; but we are now in the 21st century where old practices simply no longer suffice and where high-speed internet and improving aviation links have brought around and enabled many great cost saving alternatives to be explored and exploited. We at Avtra for example offer a fully-outsourced passenger distribution function that can also include loyalty and online travel agency outsourcing as well… doing everything for the airline offsite – but as true partners, while relieving the carrier to concentrate on what it does best – flying people and connecting cities. And this ultimately means that with outsourcing for example, the airline is not only able to control its backend costs almost overnight, but it will immediately be able to cash in on human capital savings, administration, hardware and software, office space as well as time and expertise - which they automatically receive from us. A true win-win formula !


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Netherlands Antilles, St.Maarten, Billy Folly Road, 37, Simpson Bay, Philipsburg, Saint-Martin .

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