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Hawaiian Airlines commits to new milestones on path to net-zero carbon emissions

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Hawaiian Airlines commits to new milestones on path to net-zero carbon emissions - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Hawaiian Airlines announced more details of its plan to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050, including commitments to significant progress in the 2030s. The carrier’s decarbonization roadmap relies on several key drivers, including the use of sustainable aviation fuel, fleet modernization and new aircraft technologies, operational best practices to improve fuel efficiency, and advocacy for air traffic control system improvements. Hawaiian anticipates that SAF – which is made from sustainable feedstock and can have a life-cycle carbon intensity 50-80% lower than conventional jet fuel – will be the biggest contributor to reduce jet fuel emissions, which constitute the vast majority of its GHG footprint. 

Peter Ingram, president and CEO of Hawaiian Airlines, commented: “Becoming a net-zero carbon airline is a challenge, but as an airline serving the Pacific we recognize how critical it is that Hawaiian become a more sustainable company for our guests, employees and communities. We are excited about the progress we are making and these intermediate targets to which we are committing today.”

In addition to reaffirming its intention to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, the carrier committed to:

  • Lowering life-cycle jet fuel emissions intensity per revenue ton mile by 45% (from 2019 levels) by 2035.
  • Replacing 10% of conventional jet fuel with SAF by 2030.
  • Improving fuel efficiency per available seat mile by 4% (from 2019) by 2028.
  • Conserving 3 million gallons of jet fuel through operational initiatives by 2028. 

Hawaiian last week announced it would purchase 50 million gallons of SAF from biofuel company Gevo Inc., with deliveries anticipated to begin in 2029. Hawaiʻi’s hometown airline has also partnered with Par Hawaii, the state’s largest provider of energy products, to study the commercial viability of SAF production in Hawaiʻi.   

The production of SAF is a nascent industry that will have to scale significantly to meet the airline industry’s decarbonization goals. Hawaiian looks forward to continuing to collaborate with fuel producers, as well as states and the federal government, to help accelerate SAF production and availability at commercially viable prices.

Hawaiian, whose fleet of Airbus A330 and A321neos is among the most modern in the U.S. airline industry, has agreed to purchase 12 new Boeing 787-9 aircraft that are scheduled to begin arriving later this year. They feature advanced aerodynamics, modern engines and a composite airframe contributing to an approximately 20% fuel-efficiency improvement over prior-generation, similarly sized aircraft.

In addition to modernizing its fleet, Hawaiian is also engaged with airframe and aircraft engine manufacturers to explore new, low-carbon technologies. Hawaiian is an equity investor in REGENT, a company developing a battery-electric powered seaglider that could be suited for the carrier’s network of flights between the Hawaiian Islands.


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