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New, sustainable, on-demand airline model - Flyvbird to revolutionise regional air mobility

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New, sustainable, on-demand airline model - Flyvbird to revolutionise regional air mobility  - Airlines publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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Flyvbird is trailblazing a brand-new model for European aviation to embrace a new era in regional air mobility. It is focused on marrying the dependability of airline operations with the flexibility of on-demand, air services - to seamlessly "offer a scalable and worldwide utilisable business model.” Flyv is committing to enhancing connectivity in rural areas of Europe and later worldwide, by utilizing smaller, more accessible airports. The strategic use of the TECNAM P2012 Traveller, a nine-seat commuter aircraft with impressive short-runway performance, ensures efficient and environmentally-conscious operations.

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, Flyv combines advanced technologies and innovative business strategies to realise its mission. Proprietary AI algorithms are its ‘secret sauce', enabling it to construct custom-made flight networks on decentralised air transport routes, adjusting schedules based on passenger demand and operational constraints. The result? More sustainable and efficient operations, which are adaptable to its passengers' needs.

MoU with Electra Aircraft for 100 eSTOL Commuter Aircraft

Flyv believes that the future of aviation extends to hybrid and electric solutions. It is therefore eager to take to the skies with the nine-seat hybrid/electric eSTOL Electra from the USA's Electra.aero. Flyv CEO Anton Lutz recently witnessed the demonstration of Electra’s 'Goldfinch' technology at Manassas Regional Airport, VA and the company is making further progress on its MoU for 100 Electras.

This week Flyvbird is participating at leading urban mobility event MOVE at London’s Excel which is designed to help promote and develop sustainable urban transport. Flyv will showcase its cutting-edge airline model which blends operational efficiency with sustainability. Now in its fifth year, MOVE promises to be an exciting forum for networking, learning, and exhibiting, with attendees from across the transport and logistics industry.

Flyv Managing Director Tomislav Lang commented: “Our ambitions at flyv aren't confined to the aviation sector alone. “We envision a broader expansion into the overall transportation ecosystem. This is why we're excited about MOVE, an opportunity to explore innovative concepts like Mobility as a Service and our version, AMAAS - Aviation as a Service.”

Co-founder and CEO Anton Lutz, said: "We believe our unique, customer-centric, demand-driven approach to air travel, combined with strategic OEM partnerships and innovative technology, will revolutionize the way people travel.3 Flyv is ready to shape the future of aviation, one sustainable flight at a time.

Flyv's environmentally conscious approach to air travel is not just about minimizing CO2 emissions. “By avoiding new infrastructure construction and leveraging existing facilities, we bypass the typical 1,000 to 5,000 tons of CO2 per km produced in road and railway construction. This approach significantly reduces our carbon footprint and leads the way in sustainable air travel,” he added. .

Founded in 2020 by a team of seasoned airline industry experts, Flyv is primed for success with its new venture. "We aim to 'right-size' aircraft for their mission and environmental suitability," says Lang. He adds, "Once our model has been launched in Europe, we'd love to take the model into intercontinental markets."


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