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Reshape the flying experience with Avtra complete airline solutions

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Reshape the flying experience with Avtra complete airline solutions  - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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It is clear that the world of commercial aviation has changed forever after experiencing the pandemic. More and more new technologies are entering the daily life of airlines to optimize operations and contribute to their transformation towards sustainability.We live the reopening when it is possible again to travel to a different part of the world in just a few hours. You would agree that aviation is one of the most technology dependent industries. Passenger expectations have changed after the Covid crisis, forcing airlines to look for more and more efficient solutions to meet market trends.

So to clarify a few things, we had the opportunity to ask questions to the two co-founders of Avtra : Amir Hashemi, Avtra Founder and CEO and Nasly Yoosuf, Avtra Co-founder and CTO. We're happy to share with you wwhat we have learned:

Q. What is Avtra?

A. Avtra is a software solutions company focused on the aviation and travel industry. We started off some five years ago with a team that has a lot of industry experience behind them. We really tried to find some of the best talent in the business in order to develop modern and new solutions that were in large part missing from the market at the time. Our goal is the same today as it was when we set up, which is to provide a great user experience at a lower cost, while maximising our customer’s revenue and minimising their operational costs. As true avgeeks, our aim is for the industry to thrive, and we want to help and be part of that growth. That is why we are constantly innovating, updating and upgrading our products at Avtra. 

Q. Easy question - what is Avtra’s point of difference from its competitors?

A. Avtra has kept up to date with all technological developments so we can do our bit to transform the industry. Our team’s background and experience has enabled us to incorporate the latest technologies with the rapidly evolving needs of the industry. As a result, we can meet the requirements of airlines and operators of different business models, shapes and sizes with the lowest running cost. We ensure our solutions go above and beyond the travel industry requirements by providing clients with fully connected systems built using the latest open technologies with shorter delivery time to market. 

Avtra offers a sophisticated, modern and robust system, which adds value to our customer’s business through a broad spectrum of readily available distribution channels, ancillary services and payment options. Essentially, we help many airlines and airports profitably scale their companies by improving their commercial and marketing abilities. Avtra has extensive experience with scheduled, charter and mixed operational models, and we have an understanding that every client is different. We are also broadly involved with airport infrastructure and check-in boarding related processes and hardware.

In addition, Avtra provides a round-the-clock dedicated technical support, across all continents and time zones, so we are always available to our customers anywhere at any time, 24/7. This is so important in today’s day and age where a glitch or system interruption can have a huge impact on an airline’s operations and bottom line, which we have increasingly witnessed over the years.

Q. Can you tell more about Avtra products?

A. We offer competitive all-in-one bundled solutions that address the changing industry trends and needs. Our goal was to satisfy the requirements of different airline operating models, regardless of how big or small the company is or the stage of its development. Our multi-lingual platforms provide hassle-free and cost-effective tools which help to control and significantly lower everyday operational expenditure. We aim to simplify processes and provide an enjoyable experience for all - before, during and after each journey.

Avtra’s solutions, including the Passenger Service System (PSS), Departure Control System (DCS), Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) and Online Travel Agent (OTA) platform, comprise of a wide variety of modules which can be deployed together or individually to support a business’ sales, revenue, management, loyalty and airport operations in order to enhance the passenger travel experience. Furthermore, our offer enables a company to select features and options that address their specific needs. 

Q; Why should airlines make the move from legacy systems?

A. Airlines are reluctant to move away from legacy systems due to the misconception that they provide greater stability based on the simple fact that they have been around for such a long time. We want to break down those stereotypes. Developments in technology have enabled the industry to transform their traditional processes and embrace change. However, legacy systems have remained resilient in the face of innovation. They are complex and involve numerous unnecessary costs. One of the main issues with legacy booking systems, which date back to the 1970s and 1980s, is security. There is no proper way to authenticate travellers, putting at risk personal information stored in the system which can be easily hacked. Also, airlines are at increasing risk of system breakdowns due to the challenges of integrating digital technology with old booking systems. New generation systems, like the one we have developed at Avtra, has a multi-tiered approach to security, complemented by thorough activity tracking.

Legacy systems also have a limited ability to personalise an offer to customers. In the age of unbundling, numerous fare categories and ancillaries, this means lost revenue opportunities for airlines. At Avtra, we divided products and services into separate elements that can be sold at different prices. Furthermore, there are numerous options forinteracting with passengers through multiple communication channels (email, SMS, mobile app, etc.). This helps airlines market themselves and serve their customers to the fullest. These processes produce valuable insights and analysis, which allows carriers working with us to customise and fully utilise collected data, as well as apply the many different options and tools made available in order to achieve the best commercial return. Access to accurate key performance indicators is an important factor for success in the industry.

Staff training on legacy systems has also proven expensive and long. We addressed this simply by providing a superior and user-friendly experience, allowing for staff and agents to use the system with minimal prior training. This is all thanks to the web-based graphical interface used by our system. The logical workflow design and methodology of each of the modules allows for the fast and convenient execution of complex processes. 

The complexity and cost issues involved with legacy systems limit the number of revenue-generating and innovative products. As a result, airlines are turning to new generation systems. In response to the pandemic, carriers are investing in new IT services, which will not only help them save costs but also communicate with passengers in new ways to make their journey as seamless and secure as possible, in an attempt to bring back confidence into air travel. With their inability to adapt and increasingly unreliable nature in an era when customers want mobile access, personalisation, new forms of payment and loyalty payments, legacy airline information systems are becoming a thing of the past.

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