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Russia denies international status to Aeroflot LCC Pobeda

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Russia denies international status to Aeroflot LCC Pobeda - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Russian Federation
Source: ATW

Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency,Rosaviatsia, has refused permission for Aeroflot low-cost subsidiary (LCC) Pobeda Airlines to operate international flights.

Pobeda had requested to fly from Russia to Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, France and Belarus. Rosaviatsia denied the request, saying Pobeda does not match Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs). According to Russian regulations and requirements, an airline is obligated to perform domestic scheduled services for two years before applying for international scheduled flights.

The rules had been expected to be amended to state that subsidiaries of airlines—already performing domestic flights for more than two years—can apply for international flights designations even if their own domestic flight experience is less than two years. However, the amendments have not yet been made. Pobeda did not comment the situation, but ATW understands the rule changes could be in effect before the end of the year.

In March, Pobeda applied for the Moscow-Heraklion route, but authorities denied the request.

Pobeda, which launched flights Dec. 1, 2014, plans to carry nearly 3 million passengers in 2015. The LCC’s fleet comprises 12 189-seat Boeing 737-800s. Its route network includes nearly 40 destinations—more than 15 of them connect Moscow with cities in the regions. On Oct. 25, it will begin 2X-daily Moscow-Samara service. Pobeda operates up to 70 daily flights in the 2015 IATA summer season; in the winter, it expects the number of daily flights to decrease to 60.

In May, Pobeda announced it had made the top 10 list of Russia’s biggest airlines.

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