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SAFEsky air travel guidelines Episode 5 - flying with kids

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SAFEsky air travel guidelines Episode 5 - flying with kids - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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Air travel with children. What is the first association that comes to mind when I tell you this?  Crying babies, children running around on the plane? In fact, air travel with babies and toddlers is a very important topic. Especially if we talk about first flight to prepare. Good news – take it as an adventure -you can have a worry-free travel with right preparation and planning. We asked Frederick Reitz, Managing Director of SAFEsky, to dedicate a special episode to air travel with children. We present you the golden tips, take notes or download:

  • Plan. The most important thing is to plan ahead I’ve seen a lot of families buying tickets (a lot of airlines do it now) which doesn’t include a seat. Then they are showing up at the gate hoping to sit together. If you are travelling with family – choose and buy your seats in ONE reservation
  • Don’t count on that discount low-cost seat to get onboard and then to start asking everyone to exchange seats. A lot of people won’t do that. 
  • Trying to look for the lowest possible fare might bring you to paying even more. Remember, especially in the U.S. the price is 50% less if you prepay your luggage. Read restrictions! 
  • Check – there is a lot of innovations recently on the market for parents travelling with kids.
  • Children are going to travel – there is nothing you can do. The airline is not going to ask passenger with kids to sit at the back of the plane. We were all kids at one time. Ans we all have kids. People are getting upset when babies are crying on the plane. I am sorry for parents. There is nothing that can be done. 
  • Talk to your doctor, what he would recommend keeping the pressure off their ears. Kids are flying on the flight because they are bored. We do a lot of things wrong.
  • Bring your own snacks onboard. There are just few airlines who will have enough to keep your kids busy. So, bring snacks for kids. If kids have any dietary restrictions, special attention.  You cannot get on the plane and expect them to have special food.  
  • If you need any medications – bring them. Airlines cannot give you any medications. 
  • Passengers asking flight attendant to move passengers with crying babies to another seat. It is not possible. There is no regulation saying that a baby can’t cry on the plane. Flight attendant more often will try to comfort the mother and assist her. 
  • Another issue – kids playing loud music or loud games or watching TV load, there is a regulation saying that they should have earphones in this case.

Best time for departure - an early morning

The best change to avoid delays traveling with toddlers or young children is to choose an early morning departure. 

Booking your flight

Remember, it is better to make one single reservation for the whole family flying. Buy seats making the reservation. That will save you unnecessary stress if you get seats beside. It is preferable to avoid aisle seats for toddlers! 

Think surprising

Prepare in advance a wrapped new toy. Unwrapping and discover new toy will be a pleasant surprise keeping kids busy. 

Your packing lists 

You need to have everything you need on the list and at the same time avoid over-packing. Check the weight of each item - your bags, checked luggage and hand luggage. Special checklist for last minute packing! Special attention to security check when packing! Remember – travelling with food or breast milk means extra scrutiny during the screening process.

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