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SAFEsky air travel practical guidelines - keeping yourself safe when traveling by air

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SAFEsky air travel practical guidelines - keeping yourself safe when traveling by air - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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What do you know about air travel? As a frequent flyer you can say almost everything. But if we go into the details of each step, are you still so sure?
We have realized that air travel has so many steps, details and so much to remember and improve. There are so many tips to take, so many things to pay attention to, in short, it's not quite "I know everything". Sharing the experience to improve the trips of many people and the daily life of many aviation professionals. This is what we have decided to do together with SAFEsky, creating several episodes of SAFEsky air travel practical guidelines in order to take the journey of each traveler on a better level.

So make yourself comfortable, take the notes if you need or opt for the PDF download of this article. Frederick Reitz, Managing Director of SAFEsky, opening our exclusive series:

The time has come to take the trip you have always been dreaming of. You decided where you wanted to go, so what should you do first?  

  1. research the current political and social climate. Various Governments provide travel advisories to countries throughout the world. 
  2. Is your passport valid?  How many months (or years) do you have left in your passport before it expires? How many blank pages do you have in your passport? Many counties require a minimum of number of months, and blank pages, in your passport.  
  3. What is the weather historically like during the time you will be there

You checked all of the above and it is time to pack your luggage.  Remember to search your checked and hand carry luggage carefully to ensure they are completely empty before you start packing.  You do not want to have any surprises at a security checkpoint such as a prohibited item left inside from previous use. As you pack, make sure there are no prohibited items, such as flammable or sharp objects.  Do not leave your luggage open as small pets or other insects may find their way into your bag. (Remember the guy who said his cat accidentially got in his suitcase: https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2022/11/22/stowaway-cat-checked-bag-tsa/

It is the day before your trip, check the weather for your departure city, connecting airport and your destination.  Ensure you are dressed appropriately; you want to be comfortable on the plane and when you land.  Always take a carry-on bag with you that includes any medications and necessities you need, a change of clothes and small overnight kit (tooth paste, etc.)  car and house keys.  Ensure that you have your name and cell phone number written clearly on a tag inside and outside of all checked luggage. 

Did you call for a ride? I have made it a habit to take a photo of any taxi/uber/lyft or transportation vehicle, and the license plate, before I get in the vehicle. Send the photo to a colleague, friend or email to yourself.   

As you arrive at the airport, make sure you have all your belongings, check the seat and trunk area. As you walk towards the airport entrance, take a good look around, avoid areas that appear congested or have loud voices – perhaps an area where there is a security issue. Keep your luggage close to you and do a final check of the status your flight.  Most airline apps will show you ‘where your plane is’ so you can confirm that it is at the airport, or enroute to the airport. When you check your luggage, ensure that the destination tag that the agent places on your luggage is where you want are going!  If someone is upset at the check in area, keep your distance.  Tempers can flare suddenly and you do not want to get injured by objects being thrown.

Prepare for the checkpoint by putting your cash, metal objects, including cell phone, keys, etc. in your carry on luggage.  You should be prepared to go through a metal detector before you get in the line at the security checkpoint. Never put your cash or valuables in a loose bin. To expediate the security process, have your government issued ID card or passport and boarding pass in your hand. Once you clear the government check in process, put the ID/passport back in your wallet and back in your carry on bag.  Have your hands free as you approach the security checkpoint.  

Now you have cleared security, it is time to head to your departure gate. If you have time to relax before you board, make sure that you check the seating area when you get up – did you unplug your electronics and put them in your carryon? Do you have your wallet or purse.  Step back and look at your seat one last time, travelers frequently leave items plugged in the charges or laying under the seats. Place your carryon bag in the overhead bin across from your seat, that way you can keep an eye on the bin, and if another passenger opens the bin, you would see your luggage. There have been reported cases of on board thefts from luggage as passengers slept.

Do not put your wallet, watch, passport or other valuables in the seat pocket in front of you. When it comes time to deplane, objects hidden in the seat pockets are left behind, and can be taken by other passengers who are exiting after you, or discarded by cleaning crews who are rushing to turn the airplane around.

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