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Shocking moment Ryanair stewardess tells passengers "We don't want to die" as ice forms on plane's wing

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Shocking moment Ryanair stewardess tells passengers "We don't want to die" as ice forms on plane's wing  - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Ireland Aircraft: Airplanes Airline: Ryanair
Source: Daily Mail

Disgruntled travellers claim they were delayed for several hours before the shocking comment was made.

This is the moment an air stewardess stunned passengers on board a Ryanair flight by telling them: "We have ice on the wing - we don't want to die!"

The gob-smacking video has been shared on social network sites by one of the holiday-makers on board as they tried to fly from Glasgow to Dublin last night.

Flight FR5773 was one of the many flights across the UK either grounded or delayed over the last 24 hours as snow hit large parts of the country.

The plane is obviously still on the runway at the time the stewardess takes to the tannoy to announce they would be unable to take off and then makes the off-the-cuff remark, presumably meant to lighten the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, her "We have ice on the wing- we don't want to die!" doesn't go down well with the passengers who fail to see any funny side.

One disgruntled man is heard to swear whilst he repeats her words and gesticulates with his fist. Others look totally shocked, with several women covering their face with their hands in disbelief.

At one stage, it is clear to see snow on the runway through one of the plane's windows.

The video lasts just 13 seconds and you can just hear the pilot interjecting and starting to say "Ladies and gentlemen.." before it cuts off.

The passenger who first posted the footage on Facebook added the comment: "This is what happens when you've been delayed almost 8 hours, everyone at a loss including staff "we don't want to die" absolute mayhem!"

One bemused Facebook follower commented: "I can hear what I suspect is the Captain cut in over her announcement at the end...I suspect he probably went mad at her afterwards - rightly so lo."

Most of the othe comments are derogatory and speculate about her future but the unfortunate stewardess gains support from some quarters, including: "She was very honest... Ice on wings, very dangerous!"

Head of Communications for Ryanair, Robin Kiely said this afternoon: "We will be speaking to the crew member involved and apologise for the regrettable comment she made in the heat of the moment."


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