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SkyAlps - avid aviators, ambassador of the Alps

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SkyAlps - avid aviators, ambassador of the Alps  - Airlines publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Italy Aircraft: Airplanes

If we talk about short official introduction – here it is. SkyAlps is an Italian airline founded back 2021, it now connects 12 small to medium-sized cities in Europe with direct flights. SkyAlps is single aircraft type airline - the entire fleet consists of DASH-8 Q-400.  First obvious observation is that SkyAlps is an airline responsible towards the environment. It starts with the aircraft type chosen for operations due to economic and environmental aspects. Talking about numbers – 2,3 liters per passenger per 100 kilometers travelled DASH-8 Q-400 gives about 50% CO2 emissions savings compared to conventional jets. The “home” of SkyAlps is Bolzano Airport, in the heart of Alps and South Tyrol. From there the airline flies you to the rest of the world.  

“A smile is the shortest distance between two people”- this is SkyAlps’ moto and we absolutely love it. We first met the team at Paris Air Show 2023, during the announcement of more details on SkyAlps & Tamarack Aerospace partnership. Later we had the pleasure to discuss with airline’s CEO Alex Spinato, question to get better picture and understanding of their approach.

Q. We met recently at PAS2023 to find out more on your partnership with Tamarack Aerospace Group.

A.S. Yes, this partnership will allow our airline to fly world’s most sustainable regional aircraft in service. SkyAlps is an example of what can be done – an economically and environmentally sustainable airline.

Q. Can you say more on the aircraft type choice and your route network? Sustainability in operations? How you choose your destinations? 

A.S. Yes, in our choice of aircraft type, it was important to respect our environmental objectives. Our carbon emissions are dramatically lower, and the same goes for noise. DASH-8 Q-400 consumes about 50% less of fuel compared to an average European consumption. The aircraft is equipped with a sophisticated system to reduce noise and vibrations in the passenger compartment.   

Destinations. Why to compete with other companies? We operate and serve niche markets. We fly where no one else can. For example, we fly from Bolzano to Brac island, Croatia, where it is impossible to land with an A320. Thanks to our aircraft type choice we can land at airports where others cannot.  

Q. If we talk about year 2023, can you share some development plans?

A.S. We will open 2 to 3 new bases in Italy. So, stay tuned for more direct routes connecting cities in Europe. Our fleet – we expect it to be fourteen aircraft withing two years. Aircraft will be upgraded with new cockpit avionics, offering weight savings and operational efficiencies for better fuel-saving using SAF when available and employing sustainable and the most efficient route planning. New Q400 aircraft interiors will be installed featuring weight savings and passenger comfort.

Q. In France we have now some restrictions regarding flights between cities if the travel can be done on train in 2 hours. Is it similar for Italy? What do you think about that?

A.S. Yes, I know about that. No, it is not the same in Italy. As I like mathematics, numbers can speak. You can easily find results on a deep study of how much CO2 emissions is attributed to different ways of transport: public train (not a high-speed one) is 6,4 kg of CO2 per pax per 100 km, our DASH-8 Q400 is 6,340 kg of CO2 per pax per 100 km. SkyAlps difference comparing to other airlines on same routes, is easy to see on Google flight: Bolzano - Berlin is 57% less CO2 emissions, Bolzano - Dusseldorf will be 54% less, and the same for Bolzano - Hamburg.

We still have a lot of questions about SkyAlps' other activities, as well as their vision of the aviation of the future, so we'll continue our discussion. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a sustainable way of flying, check if you find your destination on the list of SkyAlps flights:

  • Bolzano/ South Tyrol
  • Berlin/Germany
  • Hamburg/Germany
  • Dusseldorf/Germany
  • Olbia/Italy
  • Brac/Croatia 
  • Dubrovnik/ Croatia
  • Ibiza/ Spain
  • Brindisi/Italy
  • Verona/Italy
  • Rome/Italy

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