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The dark side of aviation growth to be tackled in Asia and Europe

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The dark side of aviation growth to be tackled in Asia and Europe  - Airlines publisher
Krista Kuznecova
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Despite a generally healthy condition of global aviation industry and its stable growth during last decade, challenging issues like growing fuel prices, raising competition among airlines and shrinking profit margins lie on the other side of the shield. To examine specifics of changing aviation markets AIR Convention is launching two events in 2019, seizing Asia and Europe, with high hopes to tackle hot-button topics of the industry. 

Asian aviation market offers a vast field of opportunities to unveil and a rich material for expertise. Air travel in certain Asian regions expects unbelievable growth to ultimately exceed markets of North America and Europe together: for example, Boeing Vice-President of Marketing Randy Tinseth believes Asia Pacific will soon account for around 40% of global market’s demand. Asia-Pacific region is also to assemble more than half of the world’s passenger traffic by 2035, according to IATA predictions. How to manage this huge potential through innovation might be the top question in the given region and one of the main focuses of AIR Convention Asia. 

AIR Convention Asia will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 2-4 May, 2019 to put Asian aviation in the main spotlight. Apart from organizing an extensive overview of Asian market within the main conference panel Commercial Aviation Forum, AIR Convention Asia also includes a custom developed stream to examine consumer behavior. The same-name conference panel will review the growth of the middle class, appealing to younger generations of consumers, their changing purchasing habits, and the new approaches to marketing in a highly competitive environment. 

European aviation market stands as a broad field of examination, too. The growing airlines competition, expansion of new routes, new aircraft technologies and progressive tech innovations - all of these push the European aviation market forward. At the same time as the sector keeps growing, more pressure lies on the related players. European organization for the safety of air navigation Eurocontrol has predicted that if not to take urgent actions, European aviation will be unable to keep up with the demand for air services by 2040. 

Another issue is airline consolidation, caused by the fierce competition. Recently many smaller European airlines, like Cobalt Air as the latest example, ceased operations as the result of that pressure. Airline collapses, often caused by impossibility to keep up with the rising oil prices, is just another indicator showing how strong is the need to define ways ensuring stable market growth. AIR Convention Europe is taking place on September 18-20, 2019 and will be host by Lithuania, a country in North East Europe, representing a region with a growing aviation potential. 

Regardless different contextual specificities of both Asian and European regions, the idea of examining challenges of the aviation market in attempt to foster productivity and use the opportunities effectively remains the same and provides the basis for all AIR Convention events that aim to be a universal platform, organized to open up a comprehensive in-depth discussion.

Both AIR Convention forums in 2019 promise to be complexes of big shot events, including Commercial Aviation Review, Conference, Exhibition, and Awards Dinner, specially developed to distinguish the best players of the European and Asian aviation sectors. 


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