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Plane crushes tow truck

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Plane crushes tow truck - Airports / Routes publisher
Krista Kuznecova
Country: United Kingdom Aircraft: Airplanes Airline: Vueling Airlines
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A Vueling flight had to be evacuated when an airplane crashed into a tow truck that was guiding it away from the terminal. 

The Airbus 320 bound for Barcelona was full of passengers when the incident happened on May 28 (local time) at Manchester Airport.

It was thought that a pin connecting the tow truck to the plane snapped while the aircraft was still on the apron, the Mail Online reported. 

All passengers were evacuated from the plane.


All passengers were evacuated from the plane. 

One passenger went on Twitter after the incident and said: "My plane at Manchester Airport has just crashed in to a tow truck....expecting a long delay, probably effect other flights."

Manchester Airport issued a statement shortly after the incident and said the issue did not cause a delay in the airport's operations except for the affected flight VY8749.

"The passengers who were due to fly out this morning to Barcelona will be taken this afternoon on a replacement aircraft, which has now arrived at the airport."

A full investigation is expected to be launched but no injuries were reported.

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