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Sustainable aviation takes flight in Latvia

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Sustainable aviation takes flight in Latvia - Airports / Routes publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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On 27th May 2024 a Letter of Intent was signed between EVIA-AERO GmbH, a Bremen-based aviation company, and owners of SIA “Sky Port”, Jurmala Airport, to start the journey towards sustainable aviation. EVIA-AERO, in partnership with Jurmala Airport, plans to transform it into the first airport in the Baltic States for sustainable aviation. The project is highly ambitious, with initial investments surpassing the mid-double-digit millions and creating numerous sustainable workspaces. It involves constructing a 50-hectare photovoltaic plant on the airport site, capable of generating 50 megawatts of power.

This plant will serve as the cornerstone for producing green electricity, which is crucial for environmentally friendly electric aircraft flights. EVIA-AERO also plans to gradually introduce green hydrogen production, establish storage facilities, and provide refuelling stations for hydrogen and electricity. The ultimate goal is to make the green energy generated accessible not only to EVIA-AERO's aircraft but also to other airlines operating electric or hydrogen jets. Additionally, this infrastructure will support electrified ground handling and drone projects by offering production and storage solutions.

Florian Kruse, CEO of Evia Aero stated: “Jurmala Airport offers excellent conditions for the realisation of sustainable aviation. The region has a lot of potential and the strategically favourable location is ideal for flight routes. We are working intensively with the airport’s management and all the responsible institutions to develop this major project quickly.”

Gundars Važa, Mayor of Tukums commented: "We are excited to be part of this ground-breaking project that will shape the future of aviation within the municipality of Tukums. Tukums is committed to sustainable energy practices, and EVIA-AERO’s vision aligns with our mission and will assist in the development of our planned industrial zone around the airport, attracting crucial FDI and creating jobs within our region."

With the LOI in place, EVIA-AERO is set to acquire shares in the SIA Sky Port-owned airport. The acquisition will facilitate operational certification and the construction of the photovoltaic plant on the airport premises. However, the project's success hinges on the renewable energy permit for the plant. The EVIA- AERO team is currently in discussions with the Ministry of Climate and Energy to secure a permit for a 50mw plant, emphasising that without the permit, the project cannot be realised in Latvia.

“Foreign investments are vital for economic growth, bringing in capital, generating jobs, and boosting local businesses. The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia fosters high-value projects, facilitating regional developmentand optimizing existing infrastructure. Emphasizing sustainable aviation may enable Latvia to emerge as a leader in green technology, effectively utilizing existing infrastructure and supporting global sustainability efforts” said Mr. Vilis Zinkevičs, Head of Investment Promotion Division, LIAA, who have been instrumental in organising meetings with the relevant Latvian institutions.

The acquisition of Jurmala Airport and the establishment of the industrial zone planned by Tukums Municipality are expected to bring significant employment opportunities and further foreign direct investment to the area.


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