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Thales modernises air traffic management at Kazakhstan’s Astana and Almaty airports

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Thales modernises air traffic management at Kazakhstan’s Astana and Almaty airports - Airports / Routes publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: Kazakhstan Aircraft: Airplanes

Thales announces successful deployment in Kazakhstan of its Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS) in Astana Airport. This milestone marks a significant leap in aviation technology following the first similar successful implementation at Almaty Airport. A pivotal feature integrated into both systems is the installation of Multilateration (MLAT) technology – specifically the Thales’ MAGS – an innovative technology which very accurately locate the aircraft by using a method known as Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). Multilateration employs ground stations, placed in strategic locations around an airport. This technology implementation at Astana Airport was the second in Kazakhstan – the first being in Almaty and also deployed by Thales.

Christian Rivierre, VP Airspace Mobility Solutions - Thales, commented: We are pleased to contribute to improving surveillance and air traffic operations in the airports of Astana and Almaty with our integrated system that combines TopSky-Tower, MLAT and the use of SMR radar data. The coordination of different partners, the use of the best performing equipment and the customization of the solution to specific customer needs have been some of the challenges of the project, which has been achieved thanks to the collaboration and alignment of all parties involved.”  

This surveillance system empowers air traffic controllers with an additional sensor solution for comprehensive ground and air traffic surveillance. Particularly effective in monitoring arrival and departure traffic or overseeing areas where conventional radars face limitations or impracticality, MAGS has been very reliable. These systems have been deployed seamlessly despite stringent local climate constraints in order to never interrupt airport operations.

The Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System deployed in Almaty and Astana airports emphasizes reliability and elevates safety standards. The incorporation of the –“Airport Safety Nets” module within the TopSky - Tower system plays a key role in safeguarding runways and designated areas. The module acts as a vigilant guardian, alerting controllers promptly in cases of potential conflicts between vehicles – be it aircraft or other types of vehicles – on runways and the unauthorized incursion of vehicles into restricted areas.



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