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Top 5 most popular jobs in aviation

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Top 5 most popular jobs in aviation - Airports / Routes publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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Millions of people fly daily in a world that is becoming more globalized and where the cost of doing so has decreased. No matter where they are flying from, they all have one thing in common: they have all passed through an airport. With such a high volume of everyday travelers, it’s worth it to want to pursue a career in the field. 

The aviation industry handles the movement of people within and outside of a nation. This industry generates much income for the government, making it crucial in the economy of every country. Additionally, the aviation industry offers employment opportunities to people.

In this regard, we have teamed up with experts from job aggregator Jooble to discuss the 5 most popular jobs in aviation. 

The world of aviation is more complex than just launching rockets into space and airplanes flying in the cloud. Aviation professionals must work together and keep tabs on the operation to ensure that aircraft and other flying machines are safe in the air. 

Indeed, it makes sense to want to pursue a career path in this highly dynamic, well-paying, and fast-paced industry. Below is the breakdown of the top five jobs you can explore in the aviation industry and their respective average annual salaries:

Air Traffic Controller

Average Yearly Salary: $133,585

Air traffic controllers assist pilots by giving them flight routes and altitude information. Their roles include:

  • Resolving crises.

  • Granting clearance for scheduled and erratic planes.

  • Observing the flight patterns of arriving and departing aircraft. 

ATC operators can perform the duties of a tower controller who oversees airport traffic, an en route controller who helps facilitate flights as they pass through their airspace, and an approach and departure controller who sees the aerodrome airspace is safe.

The average yearly earnings for those employed by the U.S. government is $135,585 compared to $86,543 for those in the scientific and technology professions. The compensation is based on the volume of travelers in the airport’s care and the experience. Significant training and familiarity with the numerous complexities associated with flight paths are required for the job.


Average Yearly Salary: $113,000

A pilot’s license from the appropriate civil aviation authority is required to work as a pilot. Airline pilots often fly 75 hours monthly, following a predetermined flight schedule. Commercial pilots fly solo, business, and unscheduled flights based on demand. The amount of flight hours a pilot log typically affects their income. 

The pilot is a professional with the required flying hours and experience. They are the captain and first officer of an aircraft. However, a co-pilot is always aboard to assist the pilot in controlling the plane.

A scheduled air transportation pilot has an average annual salary of $133,455, whereas a non-scheduled air transportation pilot makes an average yearly salary of $123,456. Commercial pilots sometimes are remunerated lower than airline pilots at $91,670.

Aeronautical Engineer

Average Yearly Salary: $102,284

An aeronautical engineer can explore job opportunities in aeronautics or astronautics. Aeronautics is a discipline that deals with designing and developing aircraft and other flying machines, while astronautics deals with designing and developing spacecraft and associated components. 

An aeronautical engineer is a professional that designs aerospace and defense machines from jets, missiles, airplanes, or helicopters. They leverage their scientific and mathematical knowledge to create new technologies and energy-efficient flight equipment. Aeronautical engineers earn an average salary of $102,284 per year.

Aircraft Mechanics And Technicians

Average Yearly Salary: $70,870

The workplace is an aircraft hangar and a repair shop. These professionals ensure that the aircraft is airworthy. Alongside maintaining airframes, avionics hardware, and power plants, the work entails repairing, upgrading, and replacing aircraft components in case of any mechanical or electrical malfunctions.

Aircraft mechanics perform routine aircraft inspections and adjust the control systems to meet the required standards. They test aircraft components, check for underlying problems, and make necessary repairs.

Aircraft mechanics and technicians earn a median annual wage of approximately $70,870. 

Propulsion Engineer

Average Yearly Salary: $108,286

A propulsion engineer is a professional who develops an aircraft’s mechanical power systems. These engineers focus on various propulsion aspects, from liquid to thermal analysis. They conduct several tests for engines, motors, and compressors to ensure that they have enough power to drive the different movement components. 

On large teams, a propulsion engineer frequently works with mechanical and aeronautical engineers. They can make an average of $108,286 annually, making it one of the top-paying jobs in the aviation industry.


The aviation industry is an excellent field to look up to if you want to make a good living. It is one of the most lucrative industries in the U.S. today. You can explore several jobs, and companies are willing to pay top dollar to recruit the best talent. Despite the recent economic hurdles and fuel price increment, it remains one of the best-paying careers. 

Working in an airport can be an exciting experience where you encounter interesting people and see a surprising slice of life daily. However, you need an academic degree to explore this field and stand out from the competition.







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