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A first-time TBM owner in U.S. took delivery of Daher’ 100th TBM 960 turboprop-powered aircraft

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A first-time TBM owner in U.S. took delivery of Daher’ 100th TBM 960 turboprop-powered aircraft  - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: United States Aircraft: Airplanes

A Californian businessman took delivery of Daher' 100th TBM 960, stepping up from a piston-engine airplane to this top-of-the-line member of the high-speed, turboprop-powered TBM aircraft family. The milestone TBM 960 was received by Kevin Kaseff, the President of Titan Real Estate Investment Group. Kaseff acquired his TBM 960 through Camarillo, California-based Avex, which is Daher’s authorized TBM distributor for the Southwestern United States. He joins the growing community of Daher TBM aviators in North America and worldwide.

Kevin Kaseff, President of Titan Real Estate Investment Group, commented: “My home base is near Santa Maria on California’s Central Coast, which has very limited commercial airline service, so having a personal airplane is extremely valuable as I continue to develop my business. When I decided to upgrade from a piston-engine airplane to a high-performance aircraft, I searched the market and found that the TBM 960 was the best choice for me. The TBM 960 offers the efficiency I was looking for in terms of speed, range and airport access. And its turboprop engine generates less carbon emissions than a jet.”

Nicolas Chabbert, Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division, said: “We are particularly proud that the 100th TBM 960 has been received by a newcomer to the TBM community. It confirms that the TBM 960 is the quintessential TBM – meeting the expectations of entrepreneurs like Kevin Kaseff, who require a safe and efficient individual transportation tool.”

TBM 960 is the latest evolution of Daher’ pressurized single-engine turboprop aircraft product line. Launched commercially in April 2022, it is the fifth evolution in the TBM 900 series, and benefits from today’s turboprop technology and digital power. Key TBM 960 features include the PT6E-66XT turboprop engine – purpose-built by Pratt & Whitney Canada for this aircraft; and Hartzell Propeller’s five-blade composite propeller with the Raptor™ lightweight hub. Both the engine and propeller system are linked to the TBM 960’s dual-channel digital Engine and Propeller Electronic Control System.

The EPECS optimizes powerplant performance from the engine’s startup to landing, while reducing pilot workload by integrating all functions and protecting the engine’s life. It also enables the pilot to fly with more precise settings. At Daher’s recommended cruise setting of 308 kts., the TBM 960’s fuel consumption is only 57 U.S. gallons per hour – a 10 percent fuel economy compared to the maximum cruise setting for more sustainability. 

Daher’s use of digital power for the TBM 960 extends into the aircraft’s Prestige cabin, featuring an all-new environmental control system produced by Enviro Systems Inc. Other interior enhancements include LED ambience strip lighting integrated into both sides of the overhead ceiling panel, and electronically-dimmable windows – all controlled by a Passenger Comfort Display.

Other enhancements in the cabin’s style and comfort are ergonomically enhanced seats, USB-A and USB-C power plugs, along with individual cupholders and headset hangers for each occupant. The TBM 960 retains the TBM’s e-copilot functions: icing protection system; flight envelope monitoring through the Electronic Stability and Protection and the Under-speed Protection systems; the Emergency Descent Mode function; as well as the game-changing HomeSafe emergency autoland system.


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