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Aircraft Optimizer - innovation and clear-cut benefits -Gemini Wings

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Aircraft Optimizer -  innovation and clear-cut benefits -Gemini Wings - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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GEMINI WINGS is an innovative European business aviation provider that offers clear-cut benefits for aircraft owners and operators who are part of a unique fleet network. It operates on a guarantee-model whereby every aircraft entrusted to the services of GEMINI WINGS is subject to guaranteed payment for the days when the aircraft is available to the network for charter flights, even if the aircraft is not used.

Individual aircraft owners and small operators benefit from a large sales team and large fleet through cooperation, synergy, efficiency and achieving economies of scale. This is the path to progress in changing market conditions. We interviewed Martin Fec, Managing Director of GEMINI WINGS.

What makes GEMINI WINGS unique?

GEMINI WINGS is an optimizing force for aircraft owners and operators. We assist in making effective use of their aircraft, especially when not fully applied to their specific purpose. At the same time, we facilitate lower operating and ownership costs. 

You have an ambitious vision dedicated to creating a fairer and more level playing field for aircraft operators and individual owners by encouraging a collaboration-based growth that thrives on efficiency and economies of scale –rather than depending on only the hours actually flown. Please explain in a simple manner.

The aircraft owner’s aircraft annual fixed costs are X. If an owner uses the aircraft 200 hours annually, then the hourly rate is DOC (Direct Operating Costs + X/200. Usually there is no space for margin. GEMINI WINGS will lower the DOC by economy of scales. This is created by synergy (lower fuel prices, better handling conditions, etc.) and increasing revenue through our flight sales activities and empty legs sales. We will be able to split the X to 350 hours, with the potential of even bigger hours of usage, instead of the above assumed 200 hours. If GEMINI WINGS is provided with the more than two or three days, we will optimize the aircraft’s use.

So…, what else “is in it” for the aircraft owner?

We have created a payment guarantee-model that may be set, for example, at 350 charter hours per year. When achieving the synergy effects and economy of scale, a bonus is paid for every additional hour of use. Thus, a win-win situation for both the aircraft owner and us.

How does GEMINI WINGS guarantee payment for the days an aircraft is made available, even when it isn’t used on that particular day?

When adding a new aircraft into our fleet, we check the area of operation and owner’ or operator’ limitations. According to our internal analyses and market research, we have rated each particular day with a value that is proportional to market seasonality and the potential to use an aircraft. These calculations have eliminated our risk that such a case will actually happen, and we can give that guarantee. Yet, we also do have the financial backup if necessary.

GEMINI WINGS is apparently creating an aircraft fleet of its own unique kind. What are the advantages of being part of this fleet?

First of all, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds: operations, sales, purchase negotiations, market data analyses, etc. Their combined knowledge and skills are available to ensure that all aspects of the ownership and its operation are considered. All our activities are a central effort on behalf of our group of clients. GEMINI WINGS is in a stronger negotiation position than individual owners, which has a bigger impact on operating conditions and price reductions. When an aircraft needs maintenance, a temporary aircraft replacement can be arranged. If an owner wants to acquire or change to another aircraft, or wants to relocate to a different territory, we can advise and support in the decision-making process by analyzing and estimating the potential use of the new aircraft on the charter market.  

What about aircraft “owners” who actually are leasing the aircraft via a finance company?

We will follow the conditions as set in the leasing agreement and take the possible limitations into consideration. On the other side, it may be easier for the aircraft owner to get financing, as he will have guaranteed revenue from the services GEMINI WINGS provides.

Does the private aircraft owner need an AOC?

Every aircraft in our fleet must be operated under an AOC, however if the individual owner doesn’t have such an operator license, then GEMINI WINGS will assist and suggest a suitable operator with an AOC for the aircraft and its use. We do have strong relations with operators.   

What level of transparency does the aircraft owner have on how and when the aircraft is used and by whom?

The aircraft owner will have access to our operations software to monitor the basic dates of planned or already executed flights and its purchaser. The available information is subject to non-disclosure. Passenger privacy is framed by common industry standards; their names can be disclosed only at request and with limitations for reasons of discretion. 

How would you summarize your relationship with your clients?

GEMINI WINGS is the aircraft owner’s trusted partner.

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