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Capital Handling is sceptical on business aviation passenger increase in Riga.

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Capital Handling is sceptical on business aviation passenger increase in Riga. - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova

Capital Handling Board member Kristaps Lapsa is telling, that at the moment, Capital Handling offers biggest working complex, of such kind, in the Baltic countries, as well as wide range of services for business aviation operators and owners of private jets. Company representatives positively estimate introduction of new services and development of business aviation technical infrastructure in Riga International Airport. However the company is sceptical about opening of one more business aviation passenger terminal aiming at rapid passenger flow increase.

“Taking into consideration overall development tendencies in the industry, present economic and political situations, in the near future we do not predict dramatic business aviation passenger number growth in Riga. At the same time our company is working on the necessary infrastructure and service range expansion. Therefore in the last couple of years one of the main company’s line of development is aircrafts maintenance operations. Current facilities help Capital Handling to fortify its position at the European aviation market, attracting additional aircrafts for landing and maintenance operations”, summarizes Lapsa.       

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