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Climate.aero launches Carbon Emissions Reporting Service for general and business aviation

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Climate.aero launches Carbon Emissions Reporting Service for general and business aviation - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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Climate.aero, a pioneering startup from The Netherlands, designed to address the growing concerns regarding the climate impact of general and business aviation. Climate.aero offers a free and comprehensive service for aircraft owners, enabling transparent public reporting of their carbon emissions.In response to increasing public criticism and regulatory scrutiny, Climate.aero has curated a database encompassing more than 200,000 private aircraft. Leveraging this extensive data, the service calculates carbon emissions for the majority of these aircraft, providing owners and operators with critical insights into their environmental impact.

Florian Albers, founder and CEO of Climate.aero, commented: "Climate.aero is dedicated to fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within the aviation sector. Our platform not only simplifies the complex process of carbon emissions reporting and offsetting but also empowers aircraft owners and operators to showcase their sustainability efforts proudly."

Key features provided by Climate.aero include:

  1. Free Public Transparency Reporting: Aircraft owners can utilize Climate.aero's platform at no cost to publicly disclose their carbon emissions, demonstrating their commitment to environmental stewardship.

  2. Integration with Third-Party Compensation Programs: For those already engaged in carbon offsetting through external programs, Climate.aero facilitates the publication of these efforts, ensuring comprehensive and accessible reporting.

  3. Set and Forget Service: Climate.aero simplifies the emissions management process with its 'set and forget' service. This feature handles the entire spectrum of emissions calculation and the procurement of carbon and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) credits on behalf of customers.

  4. Personalized Badge of Honour: To recognize and promote the sustainability efforts of its users, Climate.aero provides a personalized badge of honour complete with a QR code. This badge can be displayed on websites, in mailings, and across print media, serving as a testament to the user’s commitment to mitigating their carbon footprint.



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