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Creating innovative sustainability solutions within the private aviation sector - GlobeAir signs MoU with Lilium

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Creating innovative sustainability solutions within the private aviation sector - GlobeAir signs MoU with Lilium - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Austria Aircraft: Airplanes

GlobeAir has signed a MoU with Lilium with the intention for GlobeAir to purchase 12 aircraft to operate in Northern Italy and the French Riviera. This MoU represents a significant milestone for GlobeAir as the two companies come together to advance sustainable air mobility. This MoU will kick off a mutually beneficial partnership to develop a long-term strategic collaboration to improve sustainability and advance new technologies.

GlobeAir’s continued investment in research and development and its pioneering spirit allows the company to continue to be a leader in innovation, sustainability, safety and efficiency to provide more quality time for its passengers. GlobeAir has been investigating technological advancements in eVTOL aircraft since 2016.

Bernhard Fragner, CEO GlobeAir, commented: 'We are proud to be partnering with Lilium as they are changing how we think about aviation and are working to revolutionise how people travel. Technological breakthroughs, a forward-thinking mindset and a drive to deliver quality time that fits customer expectations have propelled Lilium to the forefront of next-generation air travel.' 

Sustainability is a key priority for GlobeAir. GlobeAir recognises its environmental impact and continues to take bold steps to lessen its footprint. With zero operating emissions with low vibrations, GlobeAir believes the Lilium Jet will revolutionise the aviation sector.

With the move away from fossil fuels, eVTOL aircraft are the next generation of regional air mobility. Evolving from the concept of personal aviation, the eVTOL aircraft is powered by electric propulsion and high energy density lithium-ion batteries rather than jet fuel. The eVTOL will provide a faster, safer and greener mode of transportation.

GlobeAir believes the air transport sector's new positioning requires an extensive production process investment and direct and structural changes in aircraft design and construction. GlobeAir has identified Lilium as the most advanced player in research and development in the eVTOL sector.

With key suppliers already confirmed, Honeywell, Denso and Aernnova are expected to support the development of Lilium's electric motors and mounting propulsion system, respectively. Customcells is expected to supply lithium products to produce Lilium's battery cells using Zenlabs' technology. GlobeAir Project Manager Iva Bobkova is confident that key suppliers will help make the Lilium Jet an excellent investment for GlobeAir.

The Lilium Jet l will significantly add to the GlobeAir experience, providing their passengers more quality time. Completing that last mile with seamless travel is essential in the customer journey. With increased flight demand, allowing the new and flexible means of private air travel is now more critically important than ever. The first phase will be for leisure travellers focusing on the Cote d'Azur and Italian region. It will be greatly beneficial, especially during the busy summer months.


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