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EBACE 2024 Advanced Air Mobility showcase includes a ‘First’ on Event’ airport display

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EBACE 2024 Advanced Air Mobility showcase includes a ‘First’ on Event’ airport display - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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For the first time EBACE 2024 will showcase leading advanced air mobility companies both in the Palexpo exhibit hall and outdoors, with a model on the event’s aircraft display at Geneva Airport. At EBACE2024 attendees will have an opportunity for an up-close look at VoltAero Cassio 330 electric-hybrid certification transport vehicle as part of the event’s aircraft display at the airport. VoltAero will also have a presence in this year EBACE Innovation Pavilion inside Palexpo, where a host of several pioneering AAM companies will display their models, including:

  • Beyond Aero: Beyond Aero’s ONE is the first electric business aircraft designed for hydrogen propulsion. The company recently completed France’s first manned flight powered entirely by hydrogen-electric technology.
  • ELECTRON: The Rotterdam-based company manufactures a 100% battery-powered aircraft for regional use and it is developing an all-electric cargo plane.
  • Hydroplane Limited: The California company is developing a modular hydrogen fuel cell for general aviation, Urban Air Mobility and vertical lift aircraft.
  • Lilium: Germany’s Lilium is working to get its all-electric vertical take-off and landing Lilium Jet certified while working with partners to build vertiports in various markets.
  • Vaeridion: The company, based in Munich, has developed highly efficient electric-powered “microliners” that it plans to begin operating before 2030.
  • VoltAero: VoltAero has designed a hybrid-electric aircraft for passenger, cargo and medical evacuation use. The French company is currently developing the next generation of its Cassio.

“Innovation is always front and center at EBACE, and this year is no exception,” said Rachel Clementi, EBAA conference and innovation lead. “There is perhaps no better example of game-changing innovation underway in business aviation than with the advent of electric, hybrid and hydrogen propulsion systems for aircraft. EBACE2024 is proud to feature the latest of these pioneering technologies poised to enter the market.”

In just the past few years, AAM technologies have advanced from vision to reality, putting the industry on course to deliver a new era of emissions-free flight. Several EBACE panels will feature CEOs and other industry experts with perspectives on:

  • Growth projections for the sector in the coming years.
  • How AAM will reshape transportation with uses such as public transit, ride-sharing and humanitarian missions.
  • Autonomous flight and the role AI can play in aviation safety.
Related event:
Switzerland, Geneva, Palexpo: Route François-Peyrot 30, CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex Geneva, Switzerland.

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