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Feel yourself a Jet Hunter.

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Feel yourself a Jet Hunter. - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova

Every year the number of applications and the "original" products for flight bookingin business aviation is growing. In fact it is logical - the Internet becomes a real helper in all areas of the business, making it easier and more mobile. But the project, which we were able to meet recently, "stands out" from this category standard. However, details of the Jet Hunter, this is the name of the new platform you can have from the  CEO - Artur Abajian.

Q. Jet Hunter - quite aggressive name for a company, don't you think, Arthur? What is your idea of ​​"hunting"?

A. Indeed the name may seem aggressive. But it exactly communicates our desire to be the most convenient and functional service for customers. Either way, the task of any new business is to find their target audience and to satisfy their needs, isn't it right? As for the name to be honest, it was came up by accident. We have been thinking, how to name our service and decided to look at it from different point of view - what our service gives our customers? Then the word "hunt" came up. After all, our customers are looking for the best deals on the market, in other words "hunt." Hunting also suggests some excitement.

Our service works like the auction for a fall, we invite all operators to participate in the open auction in the struggle for a particular client. It turns out that the operators and also a kind of "hunt" compete. In the end,the entire market is the winner- customers find the best deals, the operators are able to realize almost any flight, because the transparent pricing model and open competitive offerings greatly simplifies the process of putting them to competitive offerings.

Q. Jet Hunter is kind of know-how to market online sales. Tell us, aren't you afraid to be pioneers?

A. No, we are not afraid to be the first or nearly first. We truly believe that the market is moving towards automation of processes, transparency of prices for flights, globalisation. We want the search and lease of the aircraft to be as simple as a taxi or takeaways. And don't see difficulties, on the contrary - our clients are willing to test the system, make an order, compare prices, watch how the project develops.

Q. Arthur, whatabout your dialogue with operators, how active they are?

A. Our figures speak volumes: on average, the first sentence of the auction, we obtain from the operators in 7 minutes, the average number of proposals for one auction - 12 from all operators. I hope you agree that this is a good indicator for the service, which is only 5 months old

When we started it was quite difficult to convince operators that our system is a necessary tool for sales. So our experts were helping round the clock operators to make the first steps in the system, doing huge part of the work for them. A bit later, when operators saw real sales, got the idea and saw movements, they liked the idea of the auction, their attitude changed. At the moment there are about 100 of operators in our database and the number is increasing by an average of 10 per week. Operators themselves are contacting us to register in the system every day, asking to explain them how it works.

We plan to create pages in social networks, blogs, in order to tell the operator about all the innovations of our system. By the way, our development team works so effectively that we do service updates almost every week. And every week we are introducing new convenient functionality.

Q. Your interest. How is the "revenues" of the company?

A. We are working on the model of «win-win». Our service is absolutely free and always will remain so for all parties - customers and operators without any conditions. This is our firm position that the sales tool should be worth the money only if he makes a profit parties. Therefore, we will charge a commission only if the sale of their flight was through our system. The amount of commission varies from the volume, the size of the operator and our agreements with them. But I can say that our fee is acceptable to all operators, and does not create for them any financial difficulties.

Q.If it is not a secret, how much of investment you managed to get for this project? Who are your investors?

A. Unfortunately, we can not disclose any information on the volume of funds raised and our investors. I can only say that at the moment - these are our business angels, who are professionally invested not only in the Russian online projects, but also foreign ones. We were very lucky to find them, because in addition to the money we have reliable allies, successful businessmen, talented mentors. This is what is called in the investment market for smart money.

Now we are planning to go to the next round of investment, the so-called round "A" in order to attract sufficient funds for more aggressive marketing strategy to enter the markets of the USA, Asia and the Middle East.

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