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First full service bizav provider in Canada offering SAF to private aircraft clients - Skyservice

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First full service bizav provider in Canada offering SAF to private aircraft clients - Skyservice - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
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As part of its commitment to environmentally responsible operations in the air and at its facilities, Skyservice Business Aviation announced that it is the first private aviation company in Canada to offer sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for its customers, reflecting Skyservice's dedication to reducing carbon impacts across its business. AirSprint, Canada's pioneer in Fractional Jet Ownership, will be the first Skyservice customer to operate with SAF.

"We are aggressively seeking to lessen the impact of our operations on the environment and offering low-carbon fuels is one of many ways we are doing that," said Benjamin Murray, President & CEO of Skyservice. "Our objective is to achieve carbon neutrality at Skyservice by 2050. By offering SAF, we can effectively contribute to fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions reduction goals as set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization and advance our own corporate environmental protection mission." 

Skyservice will make SAF available to all customers, providing the opportunity to reduce the life cycle emissions by  20% compared to traditional jet fuel, based on a life cycle assessment of  70 percent reduction in carbon dioxide for "Neat SAF" in a 30 percent Neat SAF / 70 percent JET A-1 fuel blend. 

Skyservice's Toronto South Terminal, located at Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is the first of its' Fixed-based Operations to receive its first SAF shipment from World Fuel Services. The SAF was produced by World Energy, the world's first and America's only commercial-scale SAF production company. 

JET A-1 jet fuel grade is commonly used in Canada and beyond North America. Formerly known as "kerosene", it is suitable for most jet aircraft. It meets stringent international requirements, particularly the latest versions of the AFQRJOS, the British DEF STAN 91-091 standard, the ASTM D1655 standard and the NATO F-35 specification. It has a minimum flashpoint of 38°C and a maximum freezing point of -47°C. JET A-1 is the principal fuel used for jet turbine engines. 

"We have always worked to align our values with those of our Fractional Owners and suppliers, and a commitment to sustainability has never been more important to us, and to them,"
said Jared Williams, Chief Operating Officer & Vice President, Operations at AirSprint. "Having the opportunity to purchase SAF in Canada not only helps mitigate the impacts of traditional jet fuel on the environment, but it also helps move the aviation industry forward in a more efficient and positive way." 

As SAF supply increases, Skyservice plans to transition its fuel program to use SAF exclusively, reinforcing the company's focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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