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Geneva Airpark optimises services and reaches substantial energy savings

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Geneva Airpark optimises services and reaches substantial energy savings - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Switzerland Aircraft: Airplanes

In 2023, Geneva Airpark continues to invest in energy transition with the complete renovation of the lighting in its 10,000 sq meters hangar, which is now 100% LED. By 2022, Geneva Airpark had already acquired four latest-generation ITWGSE 7400 Zero Emission eGPUs, which provided 900 hours of energy to its customers. Geneva Airpark is thus responding to Geneva Airport’s efforts to reduce the ecological footprint of its activities and to meet the requirements of the Swiss OSTRAL plan for optimising electricity consumption.

45 to 50% electricity reduction with almost 300 LEDs

THe latest major investment made by Geneva Airpark is the renovation of its hangar lighting system, completed in July 2023. Covering a total surface area of 10,000 sq meters, the lighting, comprising 153 main lights and 138 emergency lights, is now 100% LED. It is equipped with a control system to adjust the light intensity according to the needs of the activity and the brightness outside.

Thanks to LED technology and regulating use as closely as possible to the needs of the infrastructure, the reduction in electricity consumption is estimated at between 45 and 50% compared with the previous halogen system. This reduction in electricity consumption will mean that Geneva Airpark is no longer considered to be a large consumer (over 100 kWh per year) according to the criteria of Services Industriels de Geneve (Geneva’s energy supplier).

There are other benefits of this investment: LED bulbs generate more efficient lighting, improving working conditions for operators and reducing the risk of incidents during towing manoeuvres.

Organised at a height of 23 metres, with two access platforms present at all times, the worksite at Geneva Airpark hangar was divided into six zones to avoid holding up operations. According to the schedule, it took place over six weeks between June and July 2023, when activity was lower.

This project to renovate the lighting in the Geneva Airpark hangar at Geneva Airport was planned before the Swiss OSTRAL plan (organisation for the supply of electricity in the event of a crisis), which was introduced in 2022. It encourages major consumers to reduce their electricity consumption, and may even force them to do so in the event of a shortage.

Cleaner and quieter eGPUs

We've already reported Geneva Airpark investment back in 2022 in four latest-generation eGPUs, complying with the ISO 6858: 2017(E) standard for aircraft electrical power. The 100% electric ITWGSE 7400 Zero Emission eGPUs drastically reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions. They have a very small environmental footprint compared with combustion APUs, which consume a lot of fuel. These new generators are also much quieter, and can be used for longer periods of time than the APUs, whose use is restricted by the Geneva Airport authorities because of noise limits.

PART-145 certified Geneva Airpark has been based at Geneva Airport since 2009, offering a comprehensive range of services for business aviation. Geneva Airpark has 20,000 sq meters of facilities (hangar, tarmac, offices, car parks), which is directly accessible from the runway next to Geneva Airport’s business aviation Terminal C3.

For more information, check out www.geneva-airpark.ch



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