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Green light for business aviation in Crimea

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Green light for business aviation in Crimea - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Country: Russian Federation
Source: Bizavnews

Last month a meeting was held in Novorossiysk on the development of transport infrastructure in southern Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a list of instructions, including related to the Republic of Crimea. Till 1 of March 2016, Russian government in cooperation with Crimea and Sevastopol authorities must submit proposals- what needs to be done in order to create favorable conditions for reception and service at airports peninsula aircraft belonging to private owners, including foreign nationals. This is a must be to be able to attract major international investors.

Bizavnews interviewed some market players and their attitude in general is positive regarding Vladimir Putin' initiative. Statistics of last six months clearly shows that the internal traffic was seriously growing and is added almost half of all business aviation flights in Russia. However, business aviation infrastructure on the peninsula either is completely absent or in rather poor condition. The only airport that is actively working with business jets - Simferopol, but at the moment it has only the basic "necessary set" for business passengers. 

According to Pavel Zakharov, managing director of Jet24, this president initiative must be welcomed. Due to current situation, reorientation of traffic flows, including business aviation, there are many problems to be solved.

"Great that federal and local authorities understand the fact they must pay attention to this. We have raised this issue during the meeting with the governor of Sevastopol Sergey Menyailo. He confirmed the intention to create a modern terminal for business aviation. That is necessary for Sevastopol and Crimea, taking in consideration the intense development of interregional and international business relations. The governor acknowledged that meanwhile military airfield Belbek is used for business aviation needs, but it should be focused on other tasks, so this is temporary. We are glad that our interests could also affect the initiation of the measures announced by President. Now all that has to become concrete timing and actions, "- commented Bizavews Mr. Zakharov.

The head of Russian company TopAvia Denis Mazirka agrees with colleague. "I have no doubt that leaders of the region will do everything possible to make this real. But the question is a little bit different. Will it be possible to make some changes, respecting foreign companies and operators. Will they be ready to send there aircraft, despite all difficulties Russia has now with Europe and United States, even when infrastructure is there. We should be focused on solving on today's difficulties - detour of Ukrainian airspace, for example, for flights from Moscow region, "- sums up Mr. Mazirka.

We wanted to find out the reaction of foreign operators. For obvious reasons they don't want to comment on these initiatives, although generally are supportive.

"We hope that Crimean contradictions  will be just a history in the nearest future and business will prevail over political ambitions. The Crimean peninsula - a totally new market with good opportunities for development in the future. We are closely monitoring the situation, "- representatives of leading European operator told Bizavnews on condition of anonymity.

At the moment, main provider of business aviation services on the peninsula is "Crimea Flight Service", which provides organizational support of aircraft operations,service of charter flights and business aviation. The company is the general agent of PJSC "International airport" Simferopol "service charter flights and business aviation flights, is the agent of hotel complexes, transport companies, fuel-filling companies, businesses catering, VIP lounge and catering companies .


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