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Growth of Business Jet Market Forecast at 6.86% CAGR to 2020

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Growth of Business Jet Market Forecast at 6.86% CAGR to 2020 - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova

Study of the Global Business Jets Market 2015 and Global Business Jet Market 2015-2019 are the latest aviation research reports that review the business jet industry with information on its players, current status and forecasts.

Complete report on business jet market for 2015-2020 spread across 65 pages, talking about 6 major companies and supported with 9 charts and graphs is now available at http://www.rnrmarketresearch.com/opportunities-in-the-global-business-jets-market-2015-market-report.html . This report on business jet market is available as single-site single-user license. The delivery time for the electronic version of the report is immediate. The delivery time for hard copies is approximately 3 business days.

The global business jet market was worth USD 20.9 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.86% to USD 33.8 billion by the end of 2020. Both North America and Europe are showing recovery in business jets market demand. While both the regions have a comparable size of economy, the private jet flight activity in North America is 3.5 times larger. In the Asian region, the players are focused on China and India. It is expected that in the next decade the business aviation industry in India will grow three times and emerge as the third largest aviation market by 2020.

The global business jet market demand which was nearly halved during the financial crisis has now improved and large players are launching new models in the wake of increasing demand from Middle East, Asia and North America. Although the corruption crackdown and the new government's policies have slowed the economic pace of China, business jet market outlook is still bright. TheGreater China area is expected to take delivery of 2,420 business jets in the period 2013 to 2032. This business jet market 2015 research highlights key drivers of and trends emerging in the global business jet market. The current market scenario and future prospects of the sector has been examined in detail. The North America, Europe, China and India business jets market have been studied in detail. All key global players in the business jet market including Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., Bombardier Inc., Cessna Aircraft, Honeywell International Inc., Embraer S.A. and Dassault Aviation have been profiled. The report contains latest industry leaders verbatim. 

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