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If you travel to Paradise, be sure to clean up after your flight…

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If you travel to Paradise, be sure to clean up after your flight… - Business aviation publisher
Dana Ermolenko
Country: Switzerland Aircraft: Airplanes

Global warming is indisputable and whilst human activity is maybe not responsible for all of it, the fact that it’s happening now after we’ve burned, in a very short time, what Nature had stored for millions of years, is clearly not a coincidence. But there is a way to mitigate this impact: to clean part of or all greenhouse gas emissions. Fly C₂LEAN has been working hand-in-hand with carbon removal or carbon capture companies to propose a gamut of solutions to private jet users and to include them as part of the process of chartering a flight. For example, 2 years ago, Fly C₂LEAN launched the innovative Climate Jetcard, a jet card proposing an accounting in terms of tons of CO₂ instead of the traditional hourly one which was adopted by GlobeAir, a European air taxi company operating Cessna Citation Mustangs.

Fly C₂LEAN is now launching tailored packages to Palau. These exclusive packages include a private jet transfer to Palau from major hubs like Singapore or Hong-Kong, a hotel or cruise package in Palau and the removal of carbon which is made possible via partnerships with carbon removal companies.

Charles Hergott, Founder of Fly C₂LEAN, commented:“To me it made sense that when you enjoy spending time in paradise, you make a strong statement about nature conservation. Of course Carbon Removal is still very expensive because it’s new but private jet travelers have the means to set the example which can trigger a global adoption of these technologies which can in turn lead to their scaling and eventually to a price reduction”.

Carbon Capture is the technology to capture carbon directly from a CO₂ source like a cement factory while Carbon Removal is that of capturing CO₂ molecules from the atmosphere. Both then store the CO₂ either underground for thousands of years or to be recycled into industrial processes. A long-endurance private jet emits almost 10 tons of CO₂ per flight hour!


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