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Let us introduce - Mi-38

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Let us introduce - Mi-38 - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
Source: Bizavnews

Mi-38 prototypes were presented during MAKS 2015 airshow. On the eve of certification of the helicopter, which is scheduled for 2015 at the Kazan Helicopter Production (KHP) started assembly of the first production batch.

At the moment Mi-38 passes certification tests at the "Milya" Moscow helicopter factory. It involves the last two prototypes - the third and fourth, both are equipped with the  TV7-117V new turboshaft engine TV7-117V development by "Klimov" company.

Second of prototypes was remodeled to a stand to test the support system and a number of other mechanisms. The first prototype acts as a demonstration board. Especially for this purpose it got the VIP configuration. There are two seats on each side and table between them. The width of the aisle is morethan 60 cm. Toward the rear of the cabin there are two couches - one on each side, for four passengers each; the width of one pax place is about 50 cm.  Next steps planned - the installation of additional equipment -audio and video, mini-bar. For boarding the helicopter is equipped with a door-ladder located on the left side. Basic passenger modification of the Mi-38 is designed for the transport of 30 persons. (flight attendant and 29 pass.) 

The development of the Mi-38 was launched in the 1980s. The first prototype flew in 2003,the second in 2010. Tests of the third prototype started late in 2013, but the first flight of the fourth prototype took place in the autumn of 2014

Mi-38 helicopter is being developed as a new generation, which will have bigger lifting capacity than a popular transport Mi-8/17. If Mi-8/17 is able to lift up to 4 tonnes of cargo, the maximum capacity of the Mi-38 is 6 tons inside the cabin and 7 tons on external sling. 

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Russian Federation, Zhukosky, Flight Research Institute Zhukovsky, Moscow Region.

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