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Since 1979 Spain's premium FBO network - EBACE 2024 interview with Juan A.Guerreiro General Aviation Service

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Since 1979 Spain's premium FBO network - EBACE 2024 interview with Juan A.Guerreiro General Aviation Service  - Business aviation publisher
Tatjana Obrazcova
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45 years of exceptional service. Although no official announcement was made yet, EBACE 2024 was the best opportunity to meet General Aviation Service #GoldenTeam once again and discuss latest news and, above all, their impressive track record. We're happy to share the main points of our discussion with Juan Antonio Guerreiro, Managing Director of - General Aviation Service Spain:

T.O So, one year later, we’re starting EBACE 2024 with you. I don't know if you announced officially, you're celebrating 45th birthday this year. You lived already four and a half decades? What are best accomplishments, biggest achievements? What are things you're proud of? 

J.A.G. Well, it was a long way, let's say. The company was created 45 years ago by Alberto. It was let's say like a bet because it wasn't easy to create in 1979. It was not easy to create a company just because the general aviation was considered like a, let's say a few to radiation. And even like that, the volume of operators and flights that we could assist in Madrid, because it was the first base, it was really limited. So, it was like okay, I want to make something different. And it's that Alberto did in the past. So, a lot of job, a lot of risk, but finally you got it. You reach success. You are a long living company. Yeah. You have now not only Madrid, but all the bases in Spain. We started only in Madrid. I had the chance also I was lucky to join the company also 35 years ago this year, I arrived then ten years after the creation. It was in fact; it is my only company. I only worked for General Aviation, since 23 years old. Until today. It's a family company. And the secret and the success are, as I told you, is just believe in a project to work hard and to be consistent and of course, to pass all the.... We had economical situations, bad economical situations. We had even a pandemic. But finally, working hard and be consistent and continuing believing in the project, you reach the success. 

T.O.I have a question. We did some episodes with you revealing specific issues in Spanish business aviation. Do you think that we should work together on some rules and regulations at least united for Europe? 

J.A.G. Yeah, that of course, would be the perfect scenario. That's not a real life yet, but. I think it's a long way to reach that scenario. The situation in Spain is already different, but have a common rule worldwide. It's for me, it's impossible... still even in Europe. Maybe in Europe is easier for us, but there are so many countries, so many regulations. Like for example is Spain. Spain has 42 different airports. And even being in Spain and just one airport, authorities called AENA, there are slight difference between airports. So, finally, you need a company like us. That is one of the parts of our success. Being able to not only to provide important FBO services or handling services, but also a correct advice about how to operate. In each airport you must have a local partner which is trustable and capable of managing different situations. That's correct. We have, of course we have own bases. We have ten home bases at this moment. But we can provide services all around Spain. What we don't do at all is to tell our clients or to the flight supports that we are in all Spain. It's not true. Yeah, we only sell our bases when we have own staff, own equipment, and it's under our control. So, we can control the quality, the levels of service, the staff, Ground handlers should be prepared by us as we want to be prepared. The rest of basis. Of course, we have some agreements, with local companies, even with the airport management directly and it's working. But there are so many differences in 42 airports that you need an expertise company, someone to guide you how to operate. Even two flights... Some people are strange about that two flights operating with the same aircraft in two different seasons are not following the same regulation. It's like a mess for everyone. And I understand that of course the best option is to have a common room for everyone. But it's difficult for me. 

T.O. That was my next question. What is the key to success of your company? I know it's a family business. I know you live like a big family and treat in fact all your teams like a big family. What is the key to success? 

J.A.G. I'm happy to share. There are two. For us, there's always two points. One is the capacity of work of the management. We are working a lot to maintain the company. We are not a big company. We are not supported by any funds from any multinational company. So, with our incomes, we must work. So, we must generate our own incomes to be able to do so. The work capacity of the management is important. The big difference for us is that we are continually involved in the day-to-day operation. We know what is happening in every of our stations. We have different systems, IT system, of course, phone calls. But we know exactly what is happening in every station. That is important for us. Why? Because we can take immediate action in case of any problem. We can anticipate if we see that an issue is going to happen. It's good coordination. There are two owners, it's me and Alberto. There are three more management people. Quality, security and safety and security. And also commercial area And all five people that's working together perfect Second point for us we are really proud with all that is our staff is our team We can work a lot We can provide, train them, we can show how to do the things, but without their attitude, without coming happy to work, happy to give service happy to provide service to the clients, we are nothing. Nothing is possible without them. So it's one of the things that we are always proud to tell that we have the best team! Really, proud of our team! As our logo has some gold, we call them the gold team. Dream team is already used many times, so we prefer a gold team, but each time it's even better. 

T.O. What can we expect from you during 2024? 

J.A.G. In 2024, we can expect, well, nothing different, but quality and consistency Quality and consistency to continue the market as you know, last year and beginning of this year, we have some sales of the companies in Spain it changes the ownership completely 100%. So finally, at this moment, Tatiana, we are the only company 100% Spanish and 100% owned by Spanish shareholders. It's not easy for us because as I told you, we don't depend on any big company and be multinational or big networks that you can see everywhere here at EBACE So we have to go step by step. We must look carefully in each investment we are doing, but we should compete with them So we cannot just relax or tell Okay. Our digits are okay. From the pandemic, we have increased two digits growth every year That is amazing for us. We never expect that. And as I told you, thanks not only to management, but to our staff. Now the situation is to try at least to keep this level even We know that we cannot increase a lot of more, but at least to keep the clients, to keep them happy. To feel comfortable with us, trying to help everywhere in Spain is the main concern. Of course, we will renew ground handling equipment, we will have new vans. We are in the process It's going to be finished in about maybe one month. We have the ISO for sustainability, for quality. There are two new certificates. For the third time, we have renewed the IS-BAH certification We have Stage Two. We continue working to try to keep the quality on the level. And we expect a big competition But in Spain, it's normal. It's nothing different at this moment.

T.O. I found out a lot of things about Spain. If you are still good after 45 years, I don't have a doubt it's going to be the case. We're telling same place next year if EBACE will be still there. And let's see what you will do during this year, what happened in 2024.

J.A.G. The beginning of 2024 has been good in fact, the increase is still two digits until May. We’re happy because we are in the right direction. Let's try to keep the good work. Thanks to the team, thanks to our staff, this is the only thing we can.

T.O. I should come and visit finally, thank you very much. 

J.A.G. Thank you. My pleasure. It's a really pleasure to have you here. 


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